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Never Underestimate the Importance of Professional HVAC Services

Monday, August 28th, 2017

two technicians standing near outside unit of air conditioner with toolsSummer is about to come to a close, though that doesn’t typically mean much for Austin residents, who tend to use their cooling systems almost year-round. What it does mean, however, is that now is a good time to assess if your air conditioner is in good shape.

Has it started making clanging noises? Did the blower fan shut off? Does your AC seem to be struggling to provide you with cool air? These are all completely valid reasons to call in a professional Austin, TX HVAC contractor. Of course, you may be tempted to just look up a “how-to” video online and figure it out on your own. But that could be a mistake.

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Why Does My AC Keep Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

ac-keep-tripping-circuit-breakerBeing stuck with a malfunctioning air conditioner can be pretty disheartening. Especially during this time of the year, considering how high our temperatures already are, and how much they’ll climb in the coming weeks. But what if you’re unsure if your air conditioner is actually experiencing trouble? Perhaps your AC system shut off, and you found that you just needed to reset the circuit breaker for it to come back on.

That’s great for the time being, but if you find yourself with a broken-down air conditioner again shortly after this, then there is definitely trouble brewing. Your cooling system shouldn’t trip the circuit breaker that often, and if it is doing so then you need to find out why and have the source of the problem repaired.

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Potentially Ominous AC Noises and What They Mean

Monday, March 27th, 2017

ominous-ac-soundsSpring is officially here, and for Texas residents, we are well aware that summer temperatures aren’t much further off. Hopefully, you have a well-maintained air conditioning system that has gotten you through years of reliable service and is prepared to get you through this next cooling season as well. However, if you’ve been neglecting any Austin, TX air conditioning repairs, or suspect that your AC system may need a repair or two, then now is the perfect time to address this.

One of the most common signs of an air conditioner in disrepair is unfamiliar or loud noises coming from the unit. You more than anyone are going to know the everyday sounds your AC makes—so if you hear any of the following noises, it’s time to give our professionals a call.

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AC Troubleshooting: Why Isn’t My System Cooling?

Monday, March 13th, 2017

ac-troubleshooting-not-coolingWith temperatures slightly higher than average for this time of year, we’re all well aware that warmer weather is well on its way. Perhaps you’ve already turned on your air conditioner for the cooling season. If so, hopefully you haven’t experienced any problems.

But what if there’s no cool air coming from your system? This is obviously a concern considering our climate. Fortunately, you can reach out to our team for timely air conditioner repairs in Hutto, TX. But in the meantime, it may help you to know what could be causing this issue.

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Air Conditioning Trouble: The Problem with a Bad Capacitor

Monday, October 24th, 2016

One of the most frequent service calls we get in regards to air conditioning repairs has to do with electrical system problems. AC units inherently involve a variety of components, circuits, and connections that all have to work seamlessly together for your cooling system to function properly. Even a seemingly minor component failure can affect your AC.

There’s a group of components in your air conditioner that you should especially be concerned about: the capacitors. Without your capacitors, the motors that power your compressor and fans wouldn’t be able to operate. Read on to discover what your AC capacitors do and what can go wrong if one fails.

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Beware These Common End of Season AC Problems

Monday, August 29th, 2016

Summer may be slowly coming to a close, but as any Texas resident knows, the hot weather is not finished with us quite yet. As such, a properly functioning air conditioning system is essential. Hopefully, yours has performed well over the last couple of months and you haven’t had any huge malfunctions.

However, this is the time of year that air conditioners tend to run into problems—particularly if you haven’t had routine preventive maintenance performed in the last year. Air conditioners are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and many years of use, but no air conditioner is immune to problems—this is especially true for aging systems. Keep reading to learn more about common end of season AC issues.

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Is Your Air Conditioner Making Any of These 5 Ominous Sounds?

Monday, July 11th, 2016

Nobody wants to be stuck in the middle of summer without a working air conditioning system. Therefore, if you hear a strange noise coming from your AC system, you should definitely be alarmed and consider taking care of the problem right away. Unusual sounds coming from your AC typically mean that you need a repair, which you should have done before you’re faced with a system breakdown.

It’s important that you not try to diagnose and repair AC issues on your own. However, knowing what certain sounds mean can help give you a peace of mind about what’s occurring. Our repair technicians will diagnose the specific issues and address them as needed. Be sure to alert us if you hear any of the following 5 ominous air conditioning noises.

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The Role Your AC Plays in Your Tripping Circuit Breaker

Monday, July 4th, 2016

Your circuit breaker is your electrical system’s safety device that prevents overload on a particular electrical circuit. There are many reasons that a circuit breaker might turn off, or “trip.” Your air conditioner, which requires enough energy for its own circuit breaker, can sometimes trip after an extreme amount of use.

However, if your AC breaker trips too often, gives any resistance when you switch it to the “on” position, or if it immediately trips a second time after switching it on, leave it off and give the experts at Roznovak’s a call so you can get your system quickly repaired and continue to enjoy your air conditioning unit.

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