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Never Underestimate the Importance of Professional HVAC Services

Monday, August 28th, 2017

two technicians standing near outside unit of air conditioner with toolsSummer is about to come to a close, though that doesn’t typically mean much for Austin residents, who tend to use their cooling systems almost year-round. What it does mean, however, is that now is a good time to assess if your air conditioner is in good shape.

Has it started making clanging noises? Did the blower fan shut off? Does your AC seem to be struggling to provide you with cool air? These are all completely valid reasons to call in a professional Austin, TX HVAC contractor. Of course, you may be tempted to just look up a “how-to” video online and figure it out on your own. But that could be a mistake.

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Enroll in a HVAC Maintenance Plan to Your Benefit

Monday, August 14th, 2017

two hvac technicians inspecting the outside unit of an air conditionerThe thing about Austin, TX HVAC maintenance is that many homeowners believe it’s a luxury service rather than a necessity to keep a heating and cooling systems working efficiently and effectively. But without yearly maintenance—or bi-annual maintenance if you have a heat pump—your system has no chance of working as efficiently and effectively as it should throughout its lifespan.

This is where enrolling in a maintenance plan comes in—this will ensure that your system gets checked on as routinely as it should. But why does this matter?

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