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UV Air Purifier Services

One of the significant threats to the indoor air quality of homes is the growth of biological pollutants inside the ventilation system. The closed–in, dark, and often damp environment within ductwork is an ideal space for the development of mold and unhealthy microorganisms, such as viruses and bacteria. You do not want toxic spores and other biological contaminants entering your home’s air, and most air filtrations systems are ineffective against them.

There is a solution, however: the power of UV air purifiers. The installation of UV germicidal lights in the HVAC system of home is an effective and safe way to eliminate the dangers of biological growths. The indoor air quality professionals at Roznovak's Services in Austin, TX are ready to help you clear away any kind of contamination, from molds to viruses, and deliver you a safe and healthy environment for your family

For UV air purifier services in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas, contact the professionals at Roznovak's Services.

How Do UV Germicidal Lights Work?

The principle behind UV air purifiers is that low–frequency ultraviolet radiation causes cellular damage to organic material, stripping away the nucleus of bacteria and not only destroying them, but preventing them from reproducing. This technology was originally developed for medical purposes, first to treat illnesses and then as a standard practice of hospitals to stop viruses from spreading through the air ducts.

This same power is now available for your home through UV germicidal lamps that indoor air quality specialists install inside the HVAC system. The lights are set up in locations where they can bathe all the air passing through the ducts in ultraviolet light, destroying spores, viruses, bacteria, and other unhealthy biological contaminants.

The Benefits of Germicidal UV Light Installation

Standard mechanical air filters and electronic air purifiers are effective at keeping most airborne pollutants, such as dust, dander, pollen, smoke, and pesticides, out of a home. However, they have little effect on biological growths: for that, you need to have UV air purifiers. Not only does the power of UV germicidal lights eliminate the unhealthy issues of mold and microorganisms, but it does so without leaving any chemicals in your air that could lower indoor air quality. Provided you have UV germicidal lights installed by professionals, they will pose no risk to you or your family.

UV air purifiers are also easy to maintain because they have few moving parts. Provided you had them professionally installed, you can expect a UV germicidal light to benefit your home for many years.

Professional UV Air Purifier Services

If you notice health problems in your home—an increase in asthma problems, allergy–like symptoms, etc.—the trouble could come from mold or other biological growths inside the ducts, or there could be other contaminants behind it. The best way to know for certain is to contact indoor air quality specialists to investigate your house and HVAC system. If they discover that a biological infestation in your ductwork is responsible for the trouble, they will handle it with the installation of UV air purifiers.

Leave all the work to the team at Roznovak's Services. We offer many different types of services for protecting your indoor air quality in Austin, TX. Our technicians are EPA–certified and have the experience and training necessary to fit your house for UV air purifiers to solve your troubles with mold, viruses, and bacteria.

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