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Heat Recovery Ventilators

Fresh air moving through a home is important to maintaining high indoor air quality. But keeping the windows and doors in your house open for ventilation will place too much strain on the heating or air conditioning system and will create an uncomfortable environment. How can you allow fresh air into your house to usher out stale and unhealthy air during times when the climate is too hot or too cold?

We have an excellent solution at Roznovak's Services: the professional installation of a heat recovery ventilator into your HVAC system. This will allow the circulation of fresh air through a house without placing stress on the heater and air conditioner. For professional services in Austin, TX for heat recovery ventilators, call us today to schedule an appointment.

Our indoor air quality specialists at Roznovak's Services offer installation, replacement, maintenance, and repairs for heat recovery ventilators in Austin, TX and throughout the surrounding areas.

What Does a Heat Recovery Ventilator Do?

A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) draws outdoor air into your ductwork and then pre–cools or pre–heats it (depending on the time of year) before allowing it into the HVAC system. The fresh air still enters your home, replacing the stale indoor air, but it won’t bring in cold draughts or heated air to upset the temperature that you need.

If it’s winter and the outside air is cold, the fresh air that enters the HRV will pass alongside a stream of warmer indoor exhaust air. Through a process called counter–flow heat exchange, the outgoing air will lose its heat to the incoming air, warming it. This lowers the amount of work the heating system must do and ensures that the fresh air from the vents is the right temperature.

The process works in reverse during summer when the weather is warm: the hot outdoor air loses heat to the counter–flow of indoor air, cooling it down to make the job of the air conditioner easier.

The Benefits of an HRV

Heat recovery ventilators provide a number of advantages for keeping a home comfortable, energy efficient, and healthy.

  • Comfort: Your home receives fresh air, but without an uncomfortable chill or warmth that you don’t want blowing through your house when the temperature outside is too high or too low.
  • Energy–efficiency: An HRV recovers energy that would otherwise be lost because of the influx of outside air. On average, an HRV recovers 85% of the energy from the incoming/outgoing air for the benefit of a heater and air conditioner, and that means you won’t deal with higher utility bills.
  • Health: The heavy insulation on modern homes permits little fresh air to enter to sweep out dust–filled air. With a heat recovery ventilator, you’ll have beneficial outdoor air removing the stale air that can lead to asthma and allergy attacks, respiratory problems, sleep difficulties, and other health complications.

Contact Roznovak's Services for Heat Recovery Ventilator Services

You can’t dash out to purchase an HRV and install it yourself. This is a job for indoor air quality professionals to handle. The technicians must match a heat recovery ventilator model with the needs of your home and with your heating and cooling systems. The experts will make sure to install the new HRV so that it works efficiently and does not drain excess energy that will cancel many of its benefits.

A well–installed heat recovery ventilator should work for many years without problems as long as it receives regular maintenance. Only rely on professionals when you require repairs and for all maintenance visits. Roznovak's Services in Austin, TX has the services you need—starting with skilled installation—to enjoy the advantages of an HRV in your home.

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