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Duct Sealing Service in Austin, TX

Few things will cause as much trouble for your heating and cooling system and indoor air quality as leaky air ducts. When the integrity of the system of ductwork in a house begins to fail, it leads to numerous problems: higher bills to run the heater and air conditioner, air ducts filled with dust, dirt and, sometimes, worse contaminants, and a decline in comfort throughout the rooms as the HVAC system struggles to overcome air leaks.

Sealing up breaks in ductwork may sound like a simple task. But the ventilation system in a home is difficult to access without professional training, and household tools cannot effectively seal air leaks. Store–bought "duct tape" will not do the job—it isn’t even designed for ducts! It requires expert technicians, like the staff at Roznovak's Services in Austin, TX, to handle this important work.

To take care of leaking, damaged ducts in Austin, TX or the surrounding areas, call the experienced duct sealing technicians at Roznovak's Services.

Why Sealing Ductwork Is Important

Sealing leaks in ducts is crucial for a number of reasons. The ventilation system in a home must maintain airtight integrity for the heating and cooling system to work effectively and efficiently. Even small leaks can result in a 30% decline in air pressure inside the ducts. This leads to a drop in airflow from the vents and a plunge in heating and cooling ability. Hot or cold spots will start to show up in rooms around the house, and no matter how the thermostat is set, the rooms will still feel uncomfortable.

Connected to this is an increased strain placed on the air conditioner and heater. The HVAC system will strain to reach its set temperatures, resulting in additional stress on the components. This will create an increase in power bills and may end up triggering repair needs and an early retirement for the unit.

Air leaks in ducts also draw in the air from close–in spaces in the home that are humid and filled with dust. This low quality air will blow out into rooms and drop the air quality throughout a house. One of the larger risks of contamination from air leaks is the development of mold and mildew in the ventilation system, which you want to avoid at all costs.

Warning Signs You Need Duct Sealing

Although you cannot see the majority of the ducts in your house, there are signs to watch for that you should call for duct sealing. A rise in heating and cooling bills is one of the more obvious. Even if your ductwork is not at fault, you should contact HVAC specialists to find out the reason for the elevation in costs. Dust appearing throughout your house that doesn’t disappear with standard cleaning is also an indication that excess debris is finding a way inside the ventilation system, as are strange musty odors wafting from the vents. Also look out for rooms that cannot get warm or cool enough.

Don’t ignore these signs, since problems from leaking air ducts will only grow worse the longer they continue without sealing.

Call Us for Air Duct Sealing Services

Professional air duct sealers use special techniques to locate all the breaks in ductwork and then apply mastic sealants or metallic tapes to restore the airtightness of the ventilation system. If you have doubts about the integrity of your home’s ducts, call Roznovak's Services and make an appointment with our indoor air quality specialists in Austin, TX today.

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