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Furnace Services in Austin, TX

Furnaces are one of the oldest ways to provide heat for homes during cold weather, and they are still among the most popular. Dependable, powerful, and flexible, there is a type of furnace to service almost any home.

The old–fashioned wood and coal–burning furnaces have long given way to technologically advanced models. Services for modern furnaces require the expertise of HVAC technicians with years of experience working on a variety of heating systems. You’ll find this experience at Roznovak's Services: we can install, replace, maintain, or repair a furnace so you receive the years of effective and efficient heating—as well as safe performance—that you deserve. Schedule service with Roznovak's Services today!

If you are in the market for a new furnace, contact Roznovak's Services. We offer quality professional services for furnaces—installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance—in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.

We Offer Furnace Installation and Replacement

If you live in a home that has an existing ventilation system, or if you are replacing an older furnace in Austin, TX, then installing a new furnace is a straightforward job for professionals. And we do mean professionals: it is crucial that you rely on highly trained experts when you need to replace or install a furnace in your home. This is especially important if you are having a gas–powered furnace put in, since you do not want a new heating system that might leak toxic and combustible gases because of shoddy installation work.

You will need furnace technicians in Austin involved from the start of the installation process, since a new furnace must be properly sized to match the space it will heat. An oversized furnace will give you as many difficulties as an undersized one. When you allow professionals to handle sizing a furnace for installation or replacement, you’ll have the assurance that the new heating system will do the job you want without wasting energy or overworking.

We Offer Furnace Repair and Maintenance

A quality furnace that receives expert installation should have a lengthy service life—provided that it also receives ongoing regular maintenance and any repair needs are taken care of as soon as malfunctions appear. You should never attempt to tackle repairs for a faulty furnace as a "do–it–yourself" weekend project: only professionals have the qualifications to perform the work correctly and safely.

A furnace undergoes a great deal of stress during the winter season while keeping a home warm, and the best way to alleviate the effects of this stress and reduce the amount of malfunctions that it might cause is through annual tune–ups and inspections from technicians. Whether you are installing a new furnace or taking care of the one you already have, enroll it in a maintenance program from a dependable company like Roznovak's Services.

Gas Furnaces

The most popular model of furnace is the natural gas–powered one. If you have a connection to a municipal natural gas line, you should consider one of these efficient heating systems. You can rely on Roznovak's Services for the repair and maintenance services to keep your gas furnace operating smoothly for many years. Gas furnaces tend to be cheaper to use than electric furnaces, depending on the location of your home. However, they are also dependent on there being a gas line nearby for the system to use. 

Electric Furnaces

Since almost all homes use electrical power, an electric furnace is always available as a heating option. Electric furnaces boast a number of advantages that make them excellent alternatives for when a gas furnace is not feasible: they are small, quiet, dependable, and last for many years. Electric furnaces are slightly safer (they don’t produce toxic combustion byproducts) and more versatile. The tradeoff is that they are more costly to operate, depending on the cost of electricity where they are used. 

Call Roznovak's Services with any questions you have about furnaces, or any other type of furnace service in Austin, TX.

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