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Diesel Particulate Filter Services Near Austin, TX

Diesel engines have long been used in heavy–duty applications where power and efficiency are necessary, although they continue to be used by some auto manufacturers. Whether you own a tractor, large dump truck or a diesel sedan that was manufactured in 2007 or later, then it likely has a diesel particulate filter (DPF). This emissions device works within the exhaust pipe to capture particulates that flow out of your vehicle. While emissions technology such as this has long been a staple of gasoline engines, it is a recent addition to the world of diesel engines, not without some controversy. Whatever your opinion on the matter, it’s important that your diesel particulate filter be serviced by a pro.

No matter what you use a diesel engine for, it needs to be serviced by a professional. We can’t repair your engine if it breaks down, but we do specialize in cleaning diesel particulate filters throughout the Austin, TX area. These devices can be finicky and it’s important that they be in good working order at all times. Since 1979, we have been serving up exceptional customer service and quality workmanship. If your particulate filter warning light has come on, and you need to make sure that your DPF cleaning is completed thoroughly to avoid a costly replacement, then don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

Roznovak's Services provides diesel particulate filter services in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.

Why Diesel Particulate Filters Need Cleaning

Diesel engines are built to last. If you rely on a diesel engine that has a diesel particulate filter installed within the exhaust system, then you need to keep a watchful eye over your vehicle. DPFs are used in order to reduce the amount of soot that pollutes the air in our local environments. It’s not surprising that diesel engines have something of a reputation for their smell as well as their noise. Over time, your diesel particulate filter needs to be properly cleaned out to ensure that it continues to operate well.

What is Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration?

Your DPF has a built–in cleaning process called "regeneration." The soot collected therein is burned to ash from time to time. The process can be either passive or active. When your vehicle reaches a certain speed, and the exhaust temperature is high, this provides the energy required to burn off the soot in your DPF, but this does not work for many vehicles and situations. Active regeneration is a process whereby the engine’s computer will increase the exhaust temperature in order to burn off soot.

Our Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Services

Whether your particulate filter light has come on or you’re concerned that your filter is not working properly and you want to avoid costly repairs or replacement, then just let us know. Our diesel particulate filter cleaning service in Austin, TX is always available. Our technicians are highly skilled and certified, and we’re ready to get started. Call Roznovak's Services today to schedule an appointment.


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