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Energy Recovery Ventilators

Homes today have such heavy insulation against heat loss and gain that they do not permit enough fresh air to circulate through and remove stuffy, stale, and dirty air. Opening up a home to bring in fresh outdoor air is one of the best ways to bolster your indoor air quality.

But most of the time, throwing open the doors and windows of a home to the outside isn’t feasible. During hot and cold weather, this will lead to a drop in comfort as heat invades your home or is drawn out, and the air conditioner and heater will strain in order to overcome the temperature change. Is there any method to have both energy efficiency and fresh air inside a home?

There is: it’s a device called an energy recovery ventilator (ERV). Our indoor air quality team at Roznovak's Services can install an ERV for your home in Austin, TX so that you enjoy increased air quality, comfort, and energy efficiency all at once.

Contact the indoor air quality specialists at Roznovak's Services for quality services to install and service energy recovery ventilators in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.

What Does an Energy Recovery Ventilator Do?

Essentially, an ERV draws fresh outdoor air into your HVAC system; then, through a process called counter–flow heat exchange, the ERV transfers heat to or from the fresh air before it enters the house. The system works in either warm or cold weather.

After the fresh air enters the ventilation system through an outdoor vent, it moves through the ERV. The ERV moves the stream of fresh air past a stream of the stale air from indoors. Heat transfers from one heat stream to the other. During cold weather, the outdoor air gains heat from the indoor air; during hot weather, the outdoor air loses heat to the indoor air. In either case, the incoming fresh air is pre–conditioned for the indoors.

The action of an ERV not only helps keep the inside of a home more comfortable, it also removes stress from the heater and air conditioner. The HVAC system will not need to overcome the outdoor temperature extremes since the air will be either pre–heated or pre–cooled after counter–flow heat exchange. An energy recovery ventilator on average recovers 85% of the energy that would otherwise be lost due to fresh air entering the home.

Another benefit of an ERV is that it helps balance indoor humidity. Moisture transfers between the two air streams along with the heat, so you’ll avoid dry air in the winter and humid air during the summer.

We Offer ERV Services

If you have stale air in your home and want to enjoy a breath a fresh air—without sacrificing the energy efficiency of your heater and air conditioner—then you should look into professional installation of an energy recovery ventilator in Austin, TX. Technicians will look over your HVAC system and determine the right size of ERV to perform the job you need. They will then properly install the new unit so that it provides the right combination of energy efficiency and comfort.

The indoor air quality specialists at Roznovak's Services have many years of experience installing homes with energy recovery ventilators. We also service and maintain them, so you can rely on us to keep your ERV working so that your indoor air stays fresh and your heater and air conditioner continue saving you money with energy–efficient performance.

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