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Commercial Humidifier Services

Dry air inside a building does more than make it easier for static electricity to become an annoyance. The negative effects of low humidity include discomfort, dry and irritated skin, easier transmission of many illnesses, and damage to building material. If your commercial space is suffering from problems due to dry air, then you should consider the integration of a dehumidifier into the HVAC system. If properly done, a humidifier installation can balance humidity to the ideal level between "too dry" and "too damp" that will keep customers and clients happy and your business space protected.

You will need the services of commercial HVAC professionals to install a humidifier for your business in Austin, TX. Start off right with a call to Roznovak's Services. We install and service commercial humidifiers that can make the difference for your company.

Is the air in your workplace too dry, or do you need service for a current commercial humidifier? Contact Roznovak's Services for commercial humidifier services in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.

Signs You May Need a Commercial Humidifier

Aridity is a common problem in a dry climate like that in Austin. The most notable effect of low humidity (aside from static electricity) is dryness of skin and conditions such as sore throats and coughing. If these are common problems among the people in the workplace, you should investigate the air quality to see if low humidity is the problem.

Dry air will also cause discomfort by making the air seem colder than it is. This is the opposite of the effect of high humidity, which makes air feel hotter. Dry air draws moisture from the human body faster, causing it to rapidly lose heat and creating the sensation of cold. This can be a severe problem in winter, so if you notice that the building’s heating system must stay on longer than it should, the issue may be poorly balanced humidity.

Also look out for cracking and peeling material, particularly wood. Dry air also draws out moisture from surfaces, leading to wood beginning to crack and paint peeling. Call for professionals to see if you should have a humidifier put into your HVAC system.

Benefits of a Commercial Humidifier

A humidifier that is sized and installed properly—which requires commercial HVAC professionals—will add enough moisture to the air to bring it up to levels that are comfortable and healthy. You can expect to run the heating system less during cold weather when the humidity is balanced, which will save you money on utility bills and also take away unnecessary stress from the heating system, reducing repairs.

Eliminating overly dry air will increase health conditions within a building. Along with reducing irritation from dry and chapped skin, it will make transmission of certain viruses more difficult, lowering the amount of illness that people in the workplace suffer.

Balanced humidity will also protect important assets to your company, such as precision instruments that can suffer negative effects from cracking and moisture loss due to dry air. A humidifier will keep wooden surfaces safe and looking their best, and prevent chipped paint.

We Offer Commercial Humidifier Services

You don’t want your commercial humidifier to add too much moisture into the air, since high humidity is as serious an issue as low humidity. Rely on the most experienced professional installers available to size and install the new humidifier. The commercial HVAC experts at Roznovak's Services are here to help you find the best balance of humidity in your workplace in Austin, TX. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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