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Are You Part of Our Maintenance Program?

August 13th, 2018

technician working on air conditioning unitIf you’ve ever read our blog, then chances are pretty high that you’ve seen us mention how important air conditioning maintenance is. It’s an essential part of summer planning for home comfort. Spring is usually the best time to have this service done, since it won’t be unbearably warm yet, however there really is no wrong time to have it done, so long as you’re consistently scheduling each year (or twice a year, for a heat pump).

AC maintenance is the best way to avoid unexpected air conditioning repair in Austin, TX, improve the cooling system’s lifespan, and help the air conditioner operate as efficiently as possible. But today we’re going to look beyond simply scheduling maintenance. We want to encourage you to enroll in a maintenance program—and there are numerous benefits to doing so!

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Tips for Keeping Your Office and Employees Comfortable and Happy

July 30th, 2018

Man relaxing in his chair and enjoying the view from office windowIt goes without saying that summers in Texas can be pretty unbearable. With summer progressively getting hotter, now is the best time to take a look at what you can do to increase the comfort of your business or commercial space. If you haven’t thought about your commercial HVAC in Austin, TX in a while, there’s no time like the present. This is particularly true if you never scheduled an AC tune-up this past spring.

This brings us to tip #1 for keeping your office and employees comfortable and happy:

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Beware of These Sounds Coming from Your AC

July 16th, 2018

woman covering her ears, on a white backgroundWouldn’t it be great if we had air conditioning systems that could self-diagnose problems and report them to homeowners in detail? We’re sure this technology isn’t too far off, but in the meantime, we have to rely on other warning signs that an air conditioning system is in fact in trouble. Perhaps it’s a drop in cooling power, a rise in electric bills, or repeatedly tripping circuit breakers.

Another fairly common sign of an air conditioner malfunction is strange noises coming from the system. You will know better than anyone else the various sounds that come from your cooling system, so when something sounds off, be sure to give us a call for quality AC inspection and repairs. In the meantime, we’re happy to share with you some of the sounds you should never hear coming from your AC.

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Watch for These Midsummer AC Repair Needs

July 2nd, 2018

An air conditioning technician welds a connection prior to installing AC unit.It goes without saying that our summers are long, hot, and unbearable without an effective and efficient cooling system to keep us comfortable. With temperatures climbing even higher in the next couple of months, the condition of your AC system is vital.

It’s likely that you’re already running your cooling system on a daily basis. Hopefully, that means you already had maintenance done as well, to fend off any need for air conditioning repair in Georgetown, TX. If you haven’t had your air conditioner maintained recently, it’s not too late. But going without it can lead to major operational problems.

Of course, even with routine maintenance, air conditioning repair issues can still arise. It’s important to be aware of what could happen, so you know what to watch for and when to call in a pro.

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Can I Use Duct Tape to Fix My Ventilation System?

June 18th, 2018

A worker is sealing two sections of house attic vent duct insulation with aluminum foil tape. The foreground is a section of truss and the background is OSB sheathing for the roof.Have you ever heard this saying? “All you need to have for a fix-it job is one of two things—if it doesn’t move and it’s supposed to, you want WD-40. If it moves and it’s not supposed to, you need duct tape!”

Yes, duct tape can resolve just about any fix-it situation … temporarily. That’s right, duct tape is not actually appropriate to use on ductwork breaches. Who would have thought?

One of the biggest “energy thieves” in the standard home, and cause for AC repair in Round Rock, is from leaks in the air ducts, which is not likely something you think about a whole lot. But proper duct sealing from HVAC experts can stop your AC system form losing as much as 30% of the air that moves throughout the duct system.

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Has Your Commercial Cooling System Been Tuned-Up Yet?

June 4th, 2018

rooftop units on commercial buildingWith temperatures already soaring toward the hundreds and with spring nearing its end, the time to talk about commercial air conditioning maintenance is now. Scheduling routine HVAC maintenance for your business is the best way to care for your cooling system (and heating system, when winter rolls back around). It helps you avoid major repairs, saves energy, and improves equipment life—all of which helps you focus on your bottom line rather than worrying about maintaining building comfort.

Maintenance sessions, also referred to as tune-ups, are vital for residential spaces, but are even more important for commercial buildings, no matter their size or function. Efficient and effective air conditioning manages the comfort of employees, customers, clients, tenants, and/or guests. It’s also often responsible for protecting equipment from overheating, like your computer systems. In a residential space, you only need to worry about the comfort of a few, while in a commercial setting you have more responsibility.

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3 Reasons Professional Duct Cleaning Is Totally Worth It

May 21st, 2018

ducts being sealed by professionalIf you’re like most homeowners, you don’t think about the air ducts snaking their way through your home very much—and that’s all right. They’re hidden from view for a reason, after all. You shouldn’t have to think about the condition of your ductwork too often, so long as it was professionally installed. From time to time, however, even with diligent care, they’ll require a little attention.

While you might not need to know all the ins and outs of your ductwork, there’re a few things we think you should be aware of when it comes to the quality and efficiency of the air traveling through them. Professional Austin, TX duct cleaning, for instance, is a way to clear out your ducts. There are a few reasons to trust a professional with this job, which we’ve covered below.

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The Importance of Professional Repair for Radiator Leaks

May 7th, 2018

Front view of truckYour tractor, truck, and/or automobile all have one very important component within them that helps keep their engine cool—the radiator. The way the radiator works is that its coolant removes heat from the engine by moving it through a series of coils. That cooled air then flows back into the engine to prevent it from overheating.

If the radiator is leaking, that coolant is lost and your vehicle’s engine has the potential to overheat and breakdown. One of the most common questions that mechanics get in regards to radiator leaks is “Can I still drive my vehicle for a little while if I have a radiator leak?” The short answer is “no!”

The first thing you should do when you suspect or know you have a radiator leak is contact professionals for expert radiator service. Here’s why:

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Don’t Let Cooling Inefficiency Get You Down

April 23rd, 2018

vent in wall near floorThe professional installation of a quality climate control system, like your air conditioning in Round Rock, TX, is absolutely essential not only to your comfort, but even to your health.

And there are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to your air conditioner installation. You may decide to stick with a traditional central cooling system, or perhaps you want to start enjoying the benefits of a year-round heat pump or ductless air conditioner.

Installation is just the beginning, however. If you want that cooling system to work as efficiently as it should, then you have to care for it the right way, by scheduling routine maintenance and by following these suggestions.

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Old Age and Other Signs You Need an AC Upgrade

April 9th, 2018

An air conditioner unit outside a brick home in a residential neighborhood. The air conditioner is in a back yard in the hot summer season. Service industry, working class.Spring is officially here. But of course, for our part of the country, warmer weather is already gracing us with its presence. As such, it’s important that if you have an aging air conditioner, you give it a close look to see if it has any pressing repair needs, let alone if it can make it through another sweltering summer. If it can, great! If not, however, then now is the best time to have it upgraded.

Upgrading your air conditioner to a newer, more efficient system allows you to take advantage of improved AC efficiency and other benefits. But how do you know if you’re even in need of an AC upgrade? There are some signs you can watch out for that indicate it may be time. Age, for instance. Although it’s dependent on the manufacturer and how diligently you stayed on top of AC maintenance, most air conditioners can last one to two decades. Keep reading for some additional signs.

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