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3 Air Purifier Types That Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Monday, April 27th, 2015

The air in your home is infested with millions upon millions of microscopic contaminants. Some of these are allergens and lung irritants, like dust, pollen, and dander. Others are infectious agents, like viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. All of them can have negative effects on your health, and you’re inhaling a dose of them with every breath you take. So what can you do about these pollutants that are destroying your indoor air quality? Install an air purifier. Read on to find out about 3 common air purifier types that can improve your indoor air quality.

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When Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioning System?

Monday, April 20th, 2015

In an ideal world, an air conditioner would last forever and you’d never have to worry about it after installation. Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. Timely repairs and regular maintenance can extend the life of an air conditioner, but sooner or later it will fail permanently. You probably don’t want to wait until that happens, which means you need to keep an eye out for the signs that your air conditioner is dying. Read on for an explanation of some of the more obvious signs that it’s time to replace your air conditioning system.

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3 Air Conditioning Problems That Require Emergency Repair

Monday, April 13th, 2015

It’s never a good idea just to ignore a problem that occurs in your air conditioning system. Quick response to problems is ideal for limiting the damage they can cause and preserving the health of your air conditioner. There are some problems, however, that really can’t wait for you to find a convenient time to have them addressed. If you notice any of these 3 problems with your air conditioner, turn it off immediately and call a professional as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may find yourself replacing the whole system.

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How a Clogged Air Filter Can Damage Your Furnace

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Many homeowners may not know this, but every furnace is equipped with an air filter installed in the blower return duct. This air filter is a small, simple part of the system. It’s no surprise that it escapes the notice of many homeowners, who don’t often have any reason to thoroughly examine the inside of their furnaces. Small though it may be, the air filter is actually a vital part of keeping your furnace healthy.

Let’s take a look at how the air filter keeps your furnace safe, and what can happen if you neglect it.

The Air Filter

There are a lot of particles that circulate through the average home that, if they were to infiltrate the furnace, would damage it. Things like dust, pollen, mold, and the like could wreak havoc on the system if they were allowed to blow directly into it. So the air filter is installed to catch all of these particles before they can enter the system. As the air flows through the filter, any contaminants being blown along become trapped in the fibers. The air itself passes through the filter and into the system.

The one problem with the air filter is that it needs to be cleaned or replaced every 1–3 months. If this is not done, the air filter will become so clogged with particulates that it restricts the air flow into the furnace. That’s when problems start occurring.


Restricted air flow into the furnace will cause the temperature to rise until the system overheats. This activates the limit switch, which shuts down the system as a safety measure. When the furnace cools off enough to restart, the clogged air filter causes it to overheat again and be shut down again. This continuous on/off cycle is called “short-cycling,” and is extremely damaging to the furnace. The strain of turning itself on and off constantly puts the furnace at an increased risk of breaking down, as well as shortening its lifespan. If you notice your furnace short-cycling, turn it off immediately and call us to schedule a repair appointment.

If you have any problems with your furnace, call Roznovak. We provide heating installation and repair services throughout Austin, TX. 

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