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3 Air Conditioning Problems That Require Emergency Repair

It’s never a good idea just to ignore a problem that occurs in your air conditioning system. Quick response to problems is ideal for limiting the damage they can cause and preserving the health of your air conditioner. There are some problems, however, that really can’t wait for you to find a convenient time to have them addressed. If you notice any of these 3 problems with your air conditioner, turn it off immediately and call a professional as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may find yourself replacing the whole system.

1. Short-Cycling

This is when your system keeps turning itself on and off every few minutes, never seeming to complete an entire cycle. Often this is caused either by a thermostat malfunction or a damaged compressor throwing off the rhythm of the air conditioner. Either way, this puts the system under an immense amount of strain and shortens its lifespan. If not addressed quickly, it could easily kill the system.

2. Loss of Cooling

If your air conditioner stops circulating cool air throughout the house, it’s a sign of a serious problem. It is possible that you have a refrigerant leak in the system, which will slowly deprive it of the fluid until it is completely unable to operate. It is also possible that the evaporator coil is literally freezing up, which will prevent it from siphoning heat out of the house. Both are very serious issues, and will need to be addressed as quickly as possible.

3. Grinding Noises

The air handler is the part of the AC that actually circulates the cool air from the air conditioner throughout the house. It is essentially a fan attached to a motor. The motor has to cope with a great deal of strain during operation, and is equipped with lubricated bearings to reduce the friction it has to deal with. Once the bearings start wearing down, however, the friction on the motor will begin to increase. If the bearings are not replaced, the friction will become too much for the motor to handle and it will burn itself out.

If you are experiencing any of these air conditioning issues, call Roznovak’s Services right away. We provide air conditioning services throughout Austin, TX. 

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