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Charge Air Coolers

Charge air coolers are an important part of high performance sports and racing cars, since they allow for the engine to work effectively with the turbocharger that increases the power output of the engine. But charge air coolers are not limited to the world of sport racing: they are an important component of large truck and diesel engines, where they serve as intercoolers to remove waste heat and contribute to better performance from the engine. At Roznovak's Services, we handle the work necessary to keep charge air coolers in Austin, TX working at their best, so their engines works at their best.

The experts at Roznovak's Services provide services for charge air coolers in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.

What Is a Charge Air Cooler?

A charge air cooler is an air–to–air heat exchange device used to increase the efficiency of a compression engine. The charge air cooler lowers the temperature of pressurized air after it has moved through a turbocharger but before it enters the engine. An engine works more efficiently because of the cooler air that enters it after passing through the heat exchanger in the charge air cooler.

In essence, a charge air cooler is like small radiator that releases heat. Unlike a standard car radiator, however, air passes through the inside as well as outside of the charge air cooler. The intake air from the turbocharger moves through the sealed interior of the component, while the engine cooling fan blows cooler air from outside across the fins the charge air cooler, helping to remove heat. The air that enters the engine is denser because of the cooling process, making the engine’s job easier and reducing the thermal stress on it.

An example: a standard charge air cooler will lower the intake air from 400°F to approximately 100°F before it enters the engine. This reduction of 300°F causes less expansion and contraction inside the engine, so not only will the engine perform better, it will suffer less fatigue that could lead to damage and possibly an early replacement.

Air Charge Coolers for Trucks

Charge air coolers are an important part of the air induction system in all modern heavy–duty trucks. The charge air cooler is what allows for the combination of reduced engine size and increased horsepower. A quality air charge cooler in good shape in a commercial truck allows for superior horsepower and fuel efficiency, as well as lower engine emissions. Reducing the thermal stress on the engine also means less damage from chassis vibration and a lower chance of cracked header plates and air tubes. Keeping the air charge cooler in your truck in top shape is important for long–engine life and fuel savings.

Charge Air Cooler Repair

Similar to many major mechanical components in a vehicle, a charge air cooler will run down from thermal fatigue after many miles of work and eventually need repairs. You don’t want your vehicle’s radiator to fail on you; you don’t want the charge air cooler to fail on you either.

The most common repair problem that charge air coolers may encounter is leaking. Should leaks occur in the component, it will lead to fuel loss as engine efficiency plummets. Because air charge coolers are crucial for smaller engines with high horsepower to keep from overworking, you cannot allow a damaged charge air cooler to go without professional repairs.

Our technicians at Roznovak's Services offer repair services for charge air coolers in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. If your vehicle or commercial truck depends on a working air charge cooler to keep it efficient, turn to us for the necessary services to keep the cooler in the best shape possible.

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