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Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Considering the great importance of the role that your air conditioner plays in your life, especially during the most scorching heat of the summer season, we are willing to be that you want to keep it working properly. Well, there is nothing like a good AC tune–up to get the job done. When you schedule routine air conditioning maintenance in Austin, TX with Roznovak's Services, you can count on a truly great performance from your air conditioning system. We see no reason why you should have to choose between your budget and your comfort. When you allow us the opportunity to thoroughly inspect and tune up your air conditioner, you won’t have to. We’ll help you to enjoy an efficient, effective performance from your AC this cooling season.

Roznovak's Services provides routine air conditioning maintenance services in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.

Why Schedule Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance?

In terms of ways in which to keep your air conditioner operating at peak performance levels, nothing beats regular, professional air conditioning maintenance in Austin, TX. There are many benefits that your air conditioner will enjoy as a direct result of routine AC maintenance from one of our fine technicians. Consider the information below, and we have a feeling that you’ll be inquiring about our great maintenance program in no time.

First of all, air conditioning maintenance is far and away the most effective method by which to keep your air conditioning in great working condition. This is vitally important when you live in as hot a climate as we enjoy around here. You really cannot afford to be putting your air conditioning system at risk by allowing it to fall into disarray. When every component of your AC is thoroughly inspected and meticulously tuned up, you can count on it operating in as reliable a manner as possible.

Furthermore, regular air conditioning maintenance in Austin is the best way to maintain great efficiency levels from your AC. As your air conditioner toils away to keep you cool, as it does for so much of the year, significant wear and tear will build up. Over time, this wear and tear can lead to serious operational problems. An air conditioning tune–up is the only way in which to prevent minor issues or wear and tear from developing into major operational problems. Schedule service today to prevent this from happening.

Finally, professional AC maintenance will help you to get the longest lifespan possible from your air conditioner. No air conditioning system will last forever, but premature breakdowns and replacement needs are far less likely when you take proper care of your air conditioner. If you could enjoy all of these benefits simply by scheduling routine AC maintenance with a qualified professional, why wouldn’t you?

Call Us for Air Conditioning Maintenance

There is no point to investing in a great air conditioner if you are not going to take the necessary steps to protect its condition and performance quality. All it takes is a simple phone call. Call the pros at Roznovak's Services to schedule comprehensive air conditioning maintenance in Austin, TX, and rest assured in knowing that your system is going to keep you cool consistently.


You will receive one Heating and one Cooling visit per year.

Cooling Checklist:

  • Check operating Pressures
  • Test Voltage and amperage
  • Check temperature drop across Return and Closest Supply
  • Compare Superheat and Subcooling Temperatures
  • Check Filter
  • Test Pressure Switch (s) if applicable
  • Test Start Capacitor and Potential Relay (if applicable)
  • Check Compressor Contactor
  • Visual check of equipment for damage and or wear and tear
  • Tighten wiring connections (accessible)
  • Test Thermostat and change batteries if needed
  • Purge Condensate Line
  • Test all water safety switches for failure
  • Check motor shafts for wear and looseness– indoor and outdoor
  • Make sure that disconnects are in place

Heat Pump Checklist:

  • Check Heat Strip Amperage
  • Test Reversing Valve
  • Test Defrost Operation
  • Test Emergency Heat

Gas Heat Checklist:

  • Test thermostat
  • All safety controls
  • Adjust Burners if needed
  • Check for Gas Leaks with bubbles at major components
  • Check Air Filter
  • Check Vent Pipe for proper clearance
  • Check Gas Pressure
  • Check Safeties
  • Check Temperature Rise

Preventative Maintenance Club Membership special offer!

Club members and membership may be purchased at time of service just for the offers.
Club members receive:

  • 10% off repairs
  • Priority service
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