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Commercial Dehumidifier Services

Comfort inside your commercial building is about more than maintaining the proper temperature. It’s also about maintaining the proper humidity level. With too much moisture in the air, the inside of your building will feel muggy and unpleasant. But discomfort is only one of the issues that can arise when the humidity of a workplace climbs too high.

Air conditioning has some ability to lower humidity, since an AC removes moisture along with heat. But a commercial air conditioning system is rarely enough to combat serious humidity problems: for this you must have professionals install a commercial–grade dehumidifier into your HVAC system. This will provide the right balance of humidity—neither too damp nor too dry—to benefit the workplace.

The people to call for commercial dehumidifier service in Austin, TX are at Roznovak's Services. Whether you need new installation, replacement, repairs, or maintenance for a dehumidifier, we have you covered.

If you need commercial dehumidifier services in Austin, TX or the surrounding areas, contact the commercial indoor air quality experts at Roznovak's Services today.

Reasons to Install Commercial Dehumidifiers

The air inside your commercial building should be less than 60% relative humidity in order to sustain comfort. If the humidity rises above that, you will encounter a number of detrimental issues. With the installation of a commercial dehumidifier, you will receive these benefits from balanced moisture levels:

  • Improved comfort: When there is excess water in the air, the human body has a difficult time releasing heat through the skin. This traps heat inside the body and makes a person feel warmer than the actual temperature. With the humidity balanced, you will have happier employees, customers, and clients.
  • Energy savings: Going hand–in–hand with poor comfort is increased use of the air conditioning. Once a dehumidifier makes the indoor temperatures easier to bear, the AC will need to run less—often 30% less—resulting in lower power bills.
  • Healthier conditions: One of the more unpleasant side–effects of high humidity is that it provides a fertile area for the development of molds and other bacterial growth. Mold is unpleasant to look at and think about, but its major danger is that it can release toxic spore into the air that can lead to a variety of illness. This is especially problematic if the mold develops inside the HVAC system. A dehumidifier removes the damp environment that encourages these growths and helps maintain a healthier workplace.
  • Protect building material: You don’t want moisture to start to form throughout your building, since this can lead to water damage and warping to flooring. Mildew that can grow because of high humidity will eat right through drywall and other material. Install a dehumidifier to protect your building as well as your employees and customers.

Contact us for Commercial Dehumidifier Installation and Service

If you attempt to have a commercial dehumidifier installed in your business without professional service, you run the risk of creating the opposite problem: air that is too dry, bringing with it another set of issues. A commercial dehumidifier needs to be sized correctly for the workspace, and then installed so that it does its job correctly. For this, you must have commercial indoor air quality technicians on the job. If you already had a dehumidifier installed, you will need professionals for regular maintenance and repairs to keep it working.

You will find all the assistance you need for maintaining the right humidity balance in your business in Austin, TX at Roznovak's Services. We have provided businesses in Austin and the surrounding areas with superb services for indoor air quality since 1979.

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