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Commercial Thermostat Services

A heating and cooling system in a business or a home is only as good as the thermostat that controls it. Your commercial space may have a superb air conditioner installed to maintain the comfort of employees, customers, and clients, but with a malfunctioning or out–of–date thermostat connected to it, it will perform far below expectations and eventually experience malfunctions that will require repairs.

If you need a new thermostat installation for your company, want to replace an older model, or require repairs for the current thermostat, your best choice is to call the Austin, TX commercial specialists at Roznovak's Services. We can handle all your business’ heating and cooling needs.

Contact the HVAC professionals at Roznovak's Services for expert commercial thermostat services in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.

Why a Quality Commercial Thermostat Is Important

A thermostat serves as the control panel for your commercial HVAC system. The finer the level of control you have through the thermostat, the better the HVAC system will heat and cool the space and the more efficiently it will work. Having the right up–to–date thermostat for your business means a more comfortable environment and savings every month on utility bills.

If a thermostat misreads the temperature in a commercial space, either because the model is an older one that lacks precision, or because the unit has developed a malfunction, it can lead to multiple problems in the work environment. The thermostat will begin to turn on the heating or cooling at the incorrect times, resulting in discomfort. This will also waste energy. In the worst case scenario, the faulty thermostat will start to make the HVAC system overwork, leading to repairs and a shortened lifespan.

Whenever you notice issues with comfort in your business that stem from the thermostat, or if the thermostat begins to malfunction and lose its connection to the heating and cooling system, arrange for professional repairs or a replacement to upgrade it.

Your Options for Commercial Thermostats

The old style of manual thermostat that uses dials and sliders has long been surpassed. Today you need a more precise digital thermostat for a business. Aside from having less margin of error than manual models, digital thermostats are easier to read and have options such as programmability and "smart" technology.

A programmable thermostat is a major step up from standard models, since they permit you to have control over the temperature in the building even when no one is there. A programmable thermostat can start to heat or cool down the building in the morning before anyone arrives, and then make sure the system is shut down after everyone leaves.

Smart thermostats take programmability up another level: they "learn" from your history of temperature settings to create their own programs that will save the most energy possible. They are also equipped with Wi–Fi access so you can control the comfort settings in the building from you laptop, desktop, tablet, phone, or other mobile device—anywhere you have wireless access!

We Offer Commercial Thermostat Service

Having the ideal thermostat for your business in Austin, TX begins with having the right commercial service technician on the job. Contact Roznovak's Services when you need thermostat installation, upgrades, or repairs. We offer you the exact control over your business’ comfort that you need for a pleasant environment and maximum energy savings.

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