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Oil Coolers

If you depend on heavy–duty and industrial–grade machinery on a daily basis for your work, then you probably use engines that have oil coolers to help them work smoother and for extended periods of time. Not all heavy machinery uses oil coolers, but a large number commercial trucks and towing vehicles rely on these devices to maintain their efficiency and performance that their owners require from them.

Oil coolers operate as a type of radiator, and they can suffer failures much the same way that standard radiators do. If you require service for an oil cooler for a truck or other industrial machinery, only seek out specialists to handle the job. Our experienced team at Roznovak's Services has many years of experience with working on oil coolers, so contact us when you need assistance in Austin, TX keeping your valuable vehicles and machines working in top shape.

The professionals at Roznovak's Services offer services for oil coolers in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.

What Is a Radiator Oil Cooler?

Oil cooling is a way to reduce the heat from high–performance engines without using water—essentially, a radiator that uses oil rather than water—while at the same time cooling off engine oil to avoid degradation. An oil cooler works in tandem with air cooling, adding the extra heat removal that an engine may require during periods of long use. The engine will run with air cooling most of the time, with the radiator oil cooler coming on as needed, such as during extremely hot weather or when a truck is on a long haul.

Why use oil to cool down an engine rather than water? There are a number of reasons: Water is more likely to cause corrosion, while oil helps prevent it. Oil has a higher boiling point that water, making it easier to deal with engines that can heat to higher temperatures. Since oil is already used in an engine as a lubricant, an oil cooler doesn’t require extra coolant tanks, pumps, or radiators. Although using oil cooling isn’t suitable for all engines, it can significantly boost efficiency for industrial machinery that sees heavy use.

We Offer Oil Cooler Repair Services

Without regular service and inspections, an oil cooler will start to run down and eventually will require repairs. If an oil cooler goes without the repair work it needs, it can cause major engine and transmission problems, leading to even larger and more expensive repairs.

If an oil cooler begins to degrade and the oil loses its lubricating quality, it will start to fail in its ability to release heat from the engine. An oil cooler, like a radiator, can also spring leaks and begin to lose oil. Professional repairs are necessary to fix these problems to protect the oil cooler and the engine.

Contact Us for Service for Oil Coolers

For optimum performance, oil coolers should have regular inspections. If you suspect that the oil–cooled engine in your truck or other heavy–duty machinery is losing performance quality because of trouble with the radiator oil cooler, call Roznovak's Services and arrange an appointment. We will pinpoint troubles the oil cooler may have and service it so that you have top–level engine operation and efficiency once more. We can also install oil coolers for vehicles, which is a job you should never attempt on your own. Contact us today to schedule oil cooler services in Austin, TX.

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