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Are You Part of Our Maintenance Program?

Monday, August 13th, 2018

technician working on air conditioning unitIf you’ve ever read our blog, then chances are pretty high that you’ve seen us mention how important air conditioning maintenance is. It’s an essential part of summer planning for home comfort. Spring is usually the best time to have this service done, since it won’t be unbearably warm yet, however there really is no wrong time to have it done, so long as you’re consistently scheduling each year (or twice a year, for a heat pump).

AC maintenance is the best way to avoid unexpected air conditioning repair in Austin, TX, improve the cooling system’s lifespan, and help the air conditioner operate as efficiently as possible. But today we’re going to look beyond simply scheduling maintenance. We want to encourage you to enroll in a maintenance program—and there are numerous benefits to doing so!

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Enroll in a HVAC Maintenance Plan to Your Benefit

Monday, August 14th, 2017

two hvac technicians inspecting the outside unit of an air conditionerThe thing about Austin, TX HVAC maintenance is that many homeowners believe it’s a luxury service rather than a necessity to keep a heating and cooling systems working efficiently and effectively. But without yearly maintenance—or bi-annual maintenance if you have a heat pump—your system has no chance of working as efficiently and effectively as it should throughout its lifespan.

This is where enrolling in a maintenance plan comes in—this will ensure that your system gets checked on as routinely as it should. But why does this matter?

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The Importance of Preventive Air Conditioning Maintenance

Monday, July 25th, 2016

It goes without saying that your air conditioning system is essential to your indoor comfort, particularly when you live in a climate as hot as ours during the summer. Like any other large appliance in your home however, your air conditioner can and will start to develop small problems and issues as it operates throughout the years.

Without quality preventive air conditioning maintenance, these problems will just continue to develop until eventually you need to have emergency repair conducted, or your system just fails on you all together. To avoid this and also reap a large number of benefits for your home and your air conditioning system, be sure to invest in a maintenance program today. Doing so will help ensure that if your system does go down, we can get it back up and running quickly. Keep reading to learn just how important this service is.

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