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Why a Dehumidifier Is Totally Worth It

hot man sitting in front of fanWe all know what the middle of a Texas summer feels like: it’s hot, it’s sticky, and it can be quite uncomfortable without the right home comfort systems in place. Most homeowners end up blasting their air conditioners to beat the heat. However, a stand-alone air conditioner simply isn’t enough to rid your home of the excess moisture brought on by high humidity levels.

Yes, high humidity levels can lead to all sorts of problems in your home. But there is no need to fret! Installing a whole-house dehumidifier is a great way to lower the humidity level in your home! In fact, whole-house dehumidifiers in Austin, TX offer a wide range of benefits, and below, we have listed some of them for you. So in case you are not yet convinced, keep reading!

Here’s How a Humidifier Can Help You

Improved Comfort

Humidity levels above 50% can make the air feel hotter than it actually is. This is because the excess moisture in the air prevents our bodies from cooling down properly—sweat is unable to evaporate. Therefore, taking this moisture out of the air makes it feel as though your home has cooled down, improving comfort and making it so that you no longer have to run your AC at full blast.

Better Efficiency

High humidity levels make it much harder for your air conditioner to work efficiently and effectively. When you are uncomfortable, you end up running your system at a much lower temperature, increasing wear and tear. A whole-house dehumidifier takes much of the burden off of your AC, thereby improving efficiency and lowering monthly utility bills.

Home Protection

Excess moisture in your indoor air can lead to all sorts of issues for your home and property. First, it can cause wood furnishing to warp or even rot. Additionally, damp conditions provide the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow, which is definitely a health hazard. When you install a dehumidifier, you may find that your indoor air quality has improved and incidents of illness have declined.

Why Not Install a Portable System?

Should you choose to install a dehumidifier in your home, we highly recommend opting for a whole-house system. Whole-house dehumidifiers are simply the better choice if you are trying to save money, improve comfort, and protect your home. These systems are installed directly into the ductwork of your HVAC system and will work efficiently and effectively for years to come with the right maintenance services.

Call a Professional

It is important that you hire a professional for your dehumidifier installation services. Only a professional HVAC technician has the knowledge, training, and experience to properly outfit and install your new dehumidifier into the existing ductwork.

Sure, there are going to be plenty of amateurs willing to service your system at a low cost. But often this attempt to save money ends up costing homeowners much more in the long run.

For all your indoor air quality needs, contact the experts at Roznovak’s Services Inc.

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