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Potentially Ominous AC Noises and What They Mean

ominous-ac-soundsSpring is officially here, and for Texas residents, we are well aware that summer temperatures aren’t much further off. Hopefully, you have a well-maintained air conditioning system that has gotten you through years of reliable service and is prepared to get you through this next cooling season as well. However, if you’ve been neglecting any Austin, TX air conditioning repairs, or suspect that your AC system may need a repair or two, then now is the perfect time to address this.

One of the most common signs of an air conditioner in disrepair is unfamiliar or loud noises coming from the unit. You more than anyone are going to know the everyday sounds your AC makes—so if you hear any of the following noises, it’s time to give our professionals a call.


This is usually indicative of a loose or broken part within your air conditioning system. It could be a fan blade, or it can even be a small component within the air conditioning’s compressor. No matter how small the part is though, it’s important to address the problem right away to avoid further damage.


The parts inside your AC unit may be failing, and the compressor may have become loose. Or it could be that the indoor blower or outdoor fan and its blade are out of balance and striking other parts. Just like the problems mentioned above, ignoring these can lead to bigger issues.


It’s totally normal to hear this sound at system start-up and shut down. It is simply the electrical components of the system at work. However, if the clicking becomes constant then you might have a defective control or a malfunctioning thermostat. There are a number of electrical parts to your unit, so it’s vital that you take care of potential electrical issues as soon as possible.


This could mean a number of things; you may have loose parts, debris in the indoor or outdoor unit, a motor that’s become loose or is about to fail, or fan blades that are loose or imbalanced. Buzzing may also be indicative of copper lines rubbing against each other, a dirty condenser coil, or a refrigerant leak (is your air conditioner cooling properly? If not, a refrigerant leak is likely).


Some people describe this noise as screeching or screaming. No matter what you want to label it, it’s most often the sign of an outdoor fan motor or indoor blower motor going bad. Also, the blower wheel and housing can squeal when they malfunction. It’s important to note that some units do let out a slight squeal upon start up, so it may be nothing to worry about at all.


Humming usually isn’t a serious problem and may mean nothing. On the other hand, it could be that you have a loose part or a refrigerant leak. Humming may also point to electrical problems. If your compressor hums and refuses to start, there could be an issue with the motor, though loose wiring could trigger this sound as well.

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