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Air Conditioning Trouble: The Problem with a Bad Capacitor

One of the most frequent service calls we get in regards to air conditioning repairs has to do with electrical system problems. AC units inherently involve a variety of components, circuits, and connections that all have to work seamlessly together for your cooling system to function properly. Even a seemingly minor component failure can affect your AC.

There’s a group of components in your air conditioner that you should especially be concerned about: the capacitors. Without your capacitors, the motors that power your compressor and fans wouldn’t be able to operate. Read on to discover what your AC capacitors do and what can go wrong if one fails.

What Are AC Capacitors?

Capacitors are somewhat like short-term batteries. They are small, cylindrical objects that can store energy within an electrostatic field. Each one is attached to a corresponding motor and either sends a jolt to start that motor up—start capacitor—or a regular series of jolts in order to keep the motor running—appropriately referred to as the run capacitor.  In your air conditioning system, capacitors work within three different motors: the compressor, the blower, and the outside fan.

What Happens When Capacitors Go Bad?

Capacitors can go bad for a number of reasons. Excess power form a surge can negatively impact them, or they could wear down to the point that they can’t hold a charge anymore. As a capacitor starts to fail, you’ll typically hear a clicking sound from within the cabinet.

When your run capacitors fail, the motors they’re attached to will still try to run. However, you’ll likely hear a humming sound rather than the normal sound that a running motor makes. Be sure not to ignore this—doing so can cause the motor to burn out and require a full replacement.

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