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Is Your Air Conditioner Being Kept Clean?

While other parts of the country are prepping their heaters for the coming cold weather, you may still be using your air conditioning system on a regular basis. And if it is providing you with cool air, then even if it has troubling symptoms you probably aren’t giving much thought to its condition. However, there are a number of different issues that you should be aware of which could negatively affect the performance and efficiency of your cooling system. One of those things is a dirty evaporator coil.

During your regular maintenance appointment, our technicians will thoroughly clean your entire air conditioning system, including the evaporator coil. However, even if you schedule this service once a year, it does not guarantee that the evaporator coil will stay clean, and does not guarantee that you’ll never need service on your AC. Why does all this matter though?

What Does a Dirty Coil Do?

It makes sense that you may not know why a dirty evaporator coil is such a big deal, if you don’t understand what this coil does. It’s located in the indoor unit of your AC system, and it functions by absorbing the heat from the air in your home. When hot air passes over the coil, the cool, low-pressure refrigerant absorbs heat from the air.

Your cooling system then redistributes the cooled air through your home, and the warm refrigerant goes out to the condenser coil to exhaust this heat. The process is repeated until the desired temperature is attained within your home.

This process can and should work seamlessly, however if your evaporator coil is caked with dirt and dust, then it’s going to struggle to remove heat from the air in your home successfully. This can leave you feeling less comfortable in your home, and paying more to do so. This is because your air conditioning system will have to work harder than it should need just to cool your home, using energy inefficiently in the meantime.

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