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Is Something Wrong with Your AC System?

While many other parts of the country are preparing their heating systems for the work they’re about to do, we are still using our air conditioners on a frequent basis. Since we use our AC systems for such a long period of time, when fall finally arrives they’ve already been put through a lot of stress. If your system is aging or if you haven’t scheduled regular maintenance, then this added stress can create issues with your AC system.

It’s important that you keep an eye out for indications that your AC system is experiencing trouble so that you can get the unit repaired as soon as possible. Here are signs that you might have a problem with your air conditioner.

Low Cooling Output

What if your air conditioner is circulating air, but it’s not as cold as it should be? This could very well be the sign of a leak in your refrigerant line. This refrigerant line is the hearts of your AC system. Refrigerant is the fluid that allows the system to transfer heat from inside your home to the outside.

The level of refrigerant in your AC system should remain the same, but it won’t if your refrigerant line springs a leak. This type of leak creates a decline in efficiency as the system loses the fluid it requires to function correctly. Eventually, the AC may suffer from a breakdown if the leak and refrigerant level aren’t corrected.


Do you hear your air conditioner turning itself on and off every couple of minutes? This process is called short-cycling, and it’s bad for the AC unit. There are a couple different reasons this might happen, including thermostat problems or a faulty compressor.

Short-cycling puts a large amount of strain on your system that it wasn’t designed to handle. If you don’t address this problem as soon as possible, it can permanently damage the system. Be sure to call for repairs right away if you suspect your system is short-cycling.

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