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Beware These Common End of Season AC Problems

Summer may be slowly coming to a close, but as any Texas resident knows, the hot weather is not finished with us quite yet. As such, a properly functioning air conditioning system is essential. Hopefully, yours has performed well over the last couple of months and you haven’t had any huge malfunctions.

However, this is the time of year that air conditioners tend to run into problems—particularly if you haven’t had routine preventive maintenance performed in the last year. Air conditioners are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and many years of use, but no air conditioner is immune to problems—this is especially true for aging systems. Keep reading to learn more about common end of season AC issues.

Burnt Out Motors

Your air conditioner’s motors work very hard to allow your air conditioning system to do its job. During the heat of summer, the consistent use of your cooling system puts a good amount of strain on it, and this can cause the motors to burn out. This is particularly true if your system is over a decade old.

Failed Capacitors

The capacitors within your air conditioning system are tasked with enabling electrical charges to be sent to the various motors inside the unit. Long periods of extreme heat shorten the lifespan of the capacitors. So, after a long and hot summer, it might only take just another day of hot weather to cause one of your capacitors to fail.

Power Outages

Your air conditioning system consumed so much power that it needs its own circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker trips due to the excess strain on the system, then you may temporarily lose power. This is less than ideal in the middle of a hot day, as your AC will be rendered useless. If you’ve been holding off on maintenance or repairs, now is the time to call our team for service.

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