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What Should You Look for in a New Air Conditioning System?

With the soaring temperatures we’ve consistently experienced this summer, it may be hard to believe that autumn is just a mere month away. In Texas, that means nothing for your air conditioner, which you’ll still likely be using for a few more months during the day. Hopefully, your air conditioning system has held up without giving you any problems so far this season.

However, if you’ve discovered that your AC system just isn’t performing the way that it used to or that it’s unexpectedly failed on you, it’s time to consider replacing the cooling system. We’re happy to help you make an informed decision about what system is best for you and your home. We’ll start by sharing a few factors that you should look for in a new AC system below.


Considering where we live, air conditioners typically run around the clock during the summer and beyond. As a result, your electric bills during this time of year are likely high. So it makes sense to purchase as efficient a system as possible to save as much money as you can. You want to look for a high-efficiency model—one that has a high SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating. Our team can help you determine what SEER rating is best for your situation.


This is of course a very important part of any appliance purchase. You want to ensure that the system you’re buying is within your budget, but also that you can afford month-to-month payments. It’s important to consider that even if you pay more upfront for a high-efficiency unit, the savings you’ll see on a monthly basis may make the purchase well worth it.


Remember, just because you have a particular type of air conditioning unit right now does not mean you have to replace it with the same kind. There are many different types of air conditioners to consider, from central air conditioners and heat pumps to ductless air conditioning systems.

To schedule your professional air conditioner replacement in Georgetown, TX, contact Roznovak’s Services today. 

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