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Watch for These Common Walk-In Cooler Problems

If your business deals with food preparation or sales, then having a properly functioning walk-in cooler is of course essential to your company. Whether you own a restaurant or catering business, or grocery store, or convenience mart, you need your walk-in cooler to be reliable. This is especially important in states with climates such as ours.

When your walk-in cooler needs repairs, you will need to address them immediately to prevent any business interruptions. Many problems may have simple solutions, like an improper temperature stemming from a misplaced sensor. In other instances, the problem can be more serious. Either way, our staff is here to assist you as quickly as possible. Below we’ve shared some of the most common walk-in cooler problems we receive service calls for.

Compressor Problem

Your cooler’s compressor is an essential component for the refrigeration cycle. If it’s not running, then you may either be suffering from an electrical overload, a defective coil, or even a malfunction within the actual compressor. One of our repair technicians will check your compressor and scan the electrical systems to make sure they are functioning correctly, before making the appropriate repairs.

Ice Buildup

Walk-in coolers typically have defrost cycles so that important components do not ice over, which can interfere with the cooler’s ability to function. If there is too much of a frost buildup, then you might need to adjust the defroster so it runs more often. If you’ve tried this and still have problems, you may need to have your timer repaired.

High Discharge Temperature

This may be the result of a dirty condenser or a problem with the fan motor. It may even be the sign of a stuck fan blade. One of our qualified technicians can quickly and accurately correct any of these issues.

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