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Is Your Air Conditioner Making Any of These 5 Ominous Sounds?

Nobody wants to be stuck in the middle of summer without a working air conditioning system. Therefore, if you hear a strange noise coming from your AC system, you should definitely be alarmed and consider taking care of the problem right away. Unusual sounds coming from your AC typically mean that you need a repair, which you should have done before you’re faced with a system breakdown.

It’s important that you not try to diagnose and repair AC issues on your own. However, knowing what certain sounds mean can help give you a peace of mind about what’s occurring. Our repair technicians will diagnose the specific issues and address them as needed. Be sure to alert us if you hear any of the following 5 ominous air conditioning noises.

1. Humming

Do you hear an electronic humming noise coming from your indoor or outdoor cabinet? This can mean that one of the motors is struggling to turn on. The most common cause of this is a failed capacitor. A motor that is making this sound is at risk of burning out.

2. Hissing

If you hear something that resembles the sound of steam escaping from a pipe then you probably have refrigerant leaking out of your system. A refrigerant leak is a serious problem, as it will lead to a drop in the cooling power of your system and probably an overheated compressor.

3. Grinding/Screeching

This kind of sound is most often an over-stressed motor close to burning out. The motor will likely be overly dirty or doesn’t have the same lubrication, which triggers these unpleasant mechanical sounds. Another reason for the noise is a dying compressor.

4. Banging/Striking

This is the sign of a loose mechanical part. A very likely culprit is bent fan blades that are striking the outside fan casing, or it can be a snapped fan belt hitting other components as it runs.

5. Stuttering

Listen to your air conditioner when the compressor tries to turn on and start the cooling cycle. Are you noticing a stuttering sound? This is called hard starting and can have a variety of causes. Be sure to call our experts if you notice this sound or any of the above mentioned noises.

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