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Why You Should Consider Installing Geothermal Cooling This Summer

The daily temperature is rapidly climbing here in Texas, and people are scrambling to make sure that their air conditioners are up to the task of keeping them cool. For some people, though, it’s time to replace their air conditioners with new systems. If you’re one of those people, you should take a look at what a geothermal cooling system can do for you. Read on for more information.

What Is a Geothermal Cooling System?

A geothermal cooling system is a heat pump, and like all heat pumps it operates by moving heat from one place to another. Unlike normal heat pumps, though, a geothermal unit uses subterranean thermal energy instead of energy from the surrounding air. The geothermal unit itself is installed inside the home, and is connected to the ductwork. A pipe loop filled with water is buried outside the home, typically around 20-30 feet underground. This pipe loop runs inside the home, where it connects to the geothermal unit. During operation, the geothermal unit will siphon heat from the indoor air and vent it into the pipe loop to disperse it.

The Benefits of a Geothermal Cooling System

Though it may seem to operate in a very similar fashion to a regular air conditioning system, a geothermal cooling system is actually among one of the most energ- efficient cooling technologies on the market. Add to that the fact that a geothermal system can provide heating as well as cooling functions, and you can save thousands of dollars a year on heating and cooling costs. If you’re looking for a way to both keep cool and save money this summer, a geothermal cooling system can help you.

If you’d like to install a geothermal cooling system in your home this summer, call Roznovak’s Services. We install and service geothermal cooling systems throughout Austin, TX.

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