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5 Signs Your AC Needs Professional Attention

Ensuring that your air conditioner is in great working order is critically important. You need to keep an eye on any changes in the operation of your cooling system so that you can avoid major HVAC issues before they fully dig in. You can rely on our expert team to resolve any issue, whether you wind up requiring a relatively minor check-up, AC repair, or full system replacement.

  1. Grinding noise. The grinding noise usually indicates a lack of lubrication in one of the moving parts of your AC. It’s not a pleasant sound, and as a general rule of thumb, if it sounds unpleasant, it’s probably doing some kind of damage.
  2. Loud operating volume. Every air conditioner will make noise (though ductless mini splits are very quiet), but if you notice that your indoor air handler or your outdoor compressor/condenser makes far too much noise for your liking, then there could be a loose part banging around in there. Whatever the root of the issue is, it’s important to have it checked out.
  3. One room is cooler than another. Ideally, your AC should cool your entire home evenly so that each room is cooled to the same temperature as the next. If you notice hot or cold spots in a single area, then it may be time to have your system inspected. There could be an issue with your air ducts, or one of your zone control dampers may have become dysfunctional.
  4. Spike in energy costs. Yes, summer electrical bills are not easy to look at. But you should only pay for cool air that you enjoy. Many problems with your air conditioner will result in a sudden rise in cooling costs, so don’t wait to give a pro technician a call if your energy bill seems implausible.
  5. Thermostat does not respond to your adjustments. The thermostat has a very simple purpose: to sense the ambient temperature of the room and communicate that to the controls of the HVAC unit. If your thermostat does not cause your AC to kick into high gear when it senses a discrepancy between your target temperature and the actual temperature, then you’ve got an issue. You may need a new thermostat, or it could be a problem with the air handler itself.

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