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Watch for These Midsummer AC Repair Needs

An air conditioning technician welds a connection prior to installing AC unit.It goes without saying that our summers are long, hot, and unbearable without an effective and efficient cooling system to keep us comfortable. With temperatures climbing even higher in the next couple of months, the condition of your AC system is vital.

It’s likely that you’re already running your cooling system on a daily basis. Hopefully, that means you already had maintenance done as well, to fend off any need for air conditioning repair in Georgetown, TX. If you haven’t had your air conditioner maintained recently, it’s not too late. But going without it can lead to major operational problems.

Of course, even with routine maintenance, air conditioning repair issues can still arise. It’s important to be aware of what could happen, so you know what to watch for and when to call in a pro.

Strange or Unfamiliar Noises

Chances are, you’ll know better than anyone else what noises your air conditioner usually makes while it’s in operation. There is, after all, a regular cycle of the sound of your compressor cycling on and the hum of the fans as it runs. Pay close attention to any unfamiliar or unusual noise that interrupts this, since it often is a sign that something is amiss.

Noises such as clattering or clanging can mean that mechanical parts have become loose. Hissing could mean that refrigerant is escaping. Grinding and screeching both warn of motors that are wearing down (and can burn out as a result).


Short cycling describes the process your air conditioner goes through when it turns on and off rapidly. This is a sure sign of a problem, and you can tell if your system is in fact short cycling by listening for the sound of your compressor cycling on and off every 15 minutes or so. What’s happening is that the compressor is not finishing the whole cooling cycle. It is instead shutting down prematurely only to restart shortly thereafter.

There is no single answer as to why this is happening. It could be a clogged air filter—which is something you can, and should, check for on a regular basis. Or, it might be a miscalibrated thermostat, a refrigerant leak, or even that the AC system wasn’t installed properly to start with (meaning, it can be too large). Whatever the case, short cycling needs to be resolved before the damage to the compressor becomes detrimental.

Uneven Cooling

This is a relatively subtle sign of an air conditioner problem, and as such it sometimes gets ignored. However, when one or more rooms in the home aren’t receiving the same level of cooling as others, then something is likely wrong. You might have poor insulation, windows that need caulking, or even breached ductwork.

Another possibility is that your uneven cooling doesn’t necessarily mean you need air conditioning repair, but rather an upgrade. Some multi-level homes, or homes with lots of windows, can invite heat gain into the house, making even cooling difficult. A possible solution is to replace your current central air conditioner with a ductless system, which allows you to install independent air handlers in each room of your home, for zone-controlled cooling.

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