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The Importance of Professional Repair for Radiator Leaks

Front view of truckYour tractor, truck, and/or automobile all have one very important component within them that helps keep their engine cool—the radiator. The way the radiator works is that its coolant removes heat from the engine by moving it through a series of coils. That cooled air then flows back into the engine to prevent it from overheating.

If the radiator is leaking, that coolant is lost and your vehicle’s engine has the potential to overheat and breakdown. One of the most common questions that mechanics get in regards to radiator leaks is “Can I still drive my vehicle for a little while if I have a radiator leak?” The short answer is “no!”

The first thing you should do when you suspect or know you have a radiator leak is contact professionals for expert radiator service. Here’s why:

Operating Your Vehicle with a Radiator Leak Will Cause Damage

And we mean significant damage. Depending on how severe the radiator leak is, the area might be sealable by a professional mechanic. It may need to be replaced entirely. Whatever the case, you definitely shouldn’t drive far with a radiator leak.

The reason for this is because the leak can cause further damage to your engine, which can mean a much more extensive and costly repair. Driving with a radiator leak will cause your engine to overheat, which can lead to a host of other problems.

What Should You Do If Your Vehicle Overheats?

So, what if you don’t know that you have a radiator leak and your engine overheats as a result while you’re out operating your tractor, truck, or automobile? Turn on your heater, as high as it will go! This seems counterintuitive for sure, and can be especially frustrating on a hot day. However, it transfers some of the heat load off of the engine and can prevent damage from occurring.

If your engine’s temperature gauge doesn’t go down after this, be sure to pull over to a safe location in your vehicle as soon as possible. Open the hood of your vehicle to let the heat out, but do not open the radiator cap as you may injure yourself. Call for a tow truck or roadside assistance, and then contact one of our professionals right away to have your vehicle’s overheating problem inspected as it is most likely a radiator leak causing it.

Trust Our Team’s Experience

We provide comprehensive radiator repair and rebuild services, in addition to replacement radiators if a repair just won’t cut it. We want you to be confident in the performance of your radiator so you can feel safe on the road, or out on the field with your tractor.

When you pair our hot summer days with heavy vehicle usage, radiator damage is a definite possibility, and you need a team you can trust if you run into trouble. Ask us about the radiators we have for sale, as well as repair services and what rebuilding looks like.

Contact Roznovak’s Services today for your radiator services.

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