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Does Your Heavy Duty Radiator Need Repair?

A radiator’s job is relatively straightforward: it is tasked with keeping a vehicle’s engine from overheating. Engines produce heat while they are running, and coolant absorbs this heat, and then passes it through the radiator, where it is cooled off. This coolant then must be circulated back to the engine.

Even though the process seems simplistic, the radiator plays a huge role, and it must be in good working condition in order to prevent overheating and related damages. Whether you have a truck or a tractor, you want to know that its radiator is functioning as it should. But how do you know when it needs repair?


A consistently overheating vehicle is the most apparent sign that you may be dealing with a bad radiator. In fact, this is actually one of the most common failures in vehicles. You do not want to ignore this as delaying repairs can cause the engine to continue to overheat, and eventually cause the vehicle to break down completely. This will result in an even more extensive repair that could cost you, both financially and convenience-wise.

Coolant Leak

Have you noticed liquid on the ground where you park, or even on a path you’ve driven? This may simply be condensation, particularly when weather is cooler—however it’s very likely a sign of a leak or a crack in your radiator. Our professionals will be able to adequately diagnose and repair this problem for you, so be sure to give us a call.


Typically, the coolant in your vehicle will appear yellow, green, or red. As a radiator goes bad, contaminants can discolor the fluid and make it appear rusty or brown. Eventually, the contaminants will turn into sludge and the fluid won’t be able to effectively or efficiently cool the engine as it cannot drain from your radiator properly. If you notice sludge in your radiator, be sure to have the coolant replaced right away and your radiator repaired if needed.

Roznovak’s Services specializes in services for industrial heavy-duty radiators in the Austin, TX area and beyond. Contact us today to learn more!

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