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Do You Know Why Diesel Particulate Filters Need Cleaning?

For years, diesel engines have effectively moved heavy loads that other engines simply can’t handle. Diesel engines are powerful, effective, and essential to the operation of many different vehicles and machines that make modern luxuries possible. However, they are also the cause of a considerable amount of pollution—more so than any type of combustion engine.

As a solution to this problem, the diesel particular filter was created. This filter is designed to capture the majority of the pollution that’s given off by diesel engines. Though efficient, it does come with requirements—namely the requirement to have the filter regularly cleaned. Keep reading to learn more about the function of this filter and why it’s so important that it be cleaned.

What Is the Diesel Particulate Filter?

This is a device that is installed within the exhaust pipe of your vehicle. There are a number of different types of particulate filters, with the most common one being made of cordierite. This is a type of ceramic. Similar to other types of air filters, diesel particulate filters function by capturing particles that flow through the exhaust pipe while allowing heat and airflow to pass through.

Why Is Regular Cleaning a Big Deal?

After a while of being used, the diesel particulate filter accumulates debris and particulates coming off of the engine. Although this is an effective and efficient system, the buildup of dirt and debris can cause problems for the engine over time, such as forcing exhaust back up into the engine. This can negatively affect the actuator, fuel injectors, and the engine oil. The best way to prevent any problems from occurring is by ensuring that the diesel particulate filter is kept clean so it can function properly.

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