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Problems from Dry Air in Your Home

You’ve probably heard someone complain about the humidity levels in the air at least once before. “Humidity” refers to the amount of moisture in the air. A measurement of humidity indicates the percentage of water vapor in the air at any given point. So, 100% is the maximum amount of water vapor that the air can hold, but most people describe themselves as being most comfortable at around 30-50%.

When the humidity levels are too high, sweat cannot evaporate from your body as easily as it normally does. This is why it feels so hot and sticky in humid areas. Besides that, high levels of humidity can result in a whole host of problems, from water damage in the home to mold growth to illness. But did you know that low humidity can be just as problematic?

If the people in your home suffer as a result of dry air in the wintertime, the friendly technicians at Roznovak recommend hiring a team of experts to install a humidifier in your home that works with your HVAC system to help moderate moisture levels. Without it, you may experience some discomfort or even damage to the home.

  • Itchy, Dry Skin – Perhaps the most noticeable effect of dry air is the dry feeling it leaves on your skin, and perhaps even some itchiness and chapped lips. If you find yourself running to the store for lotions and balms to relieve discomfort frequently, it may be time for a humidifier.
  • Prolonged Illness – It seems that every time a character in the movies or on TV is stuck at home with a cold or the flu, a standalone humidifier sits by their bedside. This is because dry nasal passages are not only irritating during a cold; they also affect your body because it will take longer to heal with dry membranes. But a whole-home humidifier benefits you over a standalone model because if one person in the home is sick, the rest off the family is probably soon to follow. A whole home model can help prevent illness for the rest of the family.
  • Damaged Floors and Furniture – Wood furniture and floors may actually crack and wear away over time in areas of extremely low humidity. Drywall can also crack, and paint may begin to chip.

Call Roznovak today to speak with professional installers who take the time to set up and test whole  home humidifiers in Roundrock with the utmost care.

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