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What Are My Options When It Comes to Geothermal Installation?

Heating and cooling the home with a geothermal system saves homeowners across the country hundreds of dollars each year in energy costs, and it may do the same for you. A geothermal heat pump works a lot like an air conditioner, removing heat from the home in order to provide a source of cool air in the summer. But during the heating season, a geothermal system can work in reverse, pumping heat into the home thanks to the reliable temperatures deep within the earth. Geothermal systems are one of the top choices for renewable heating and AC, saving you money and reducing your environmental impact.

For quality geothermal heating installation in Austin from professionals experienced with these unique units, discuss your options with the professionals at Roznovak.

Vertical or Horizontal Installation

When you decide that a new geothermal system is the right choice for you, you still have a couple of other big decisions to make. Most importantly, you and your technician will need to decide upon whether vertical or horizontal installation is best suited to your needs. The type of installation that goes onto your home will depend on some key factors. First, the amount of space on your property may determine which type of installation you need. If there is not enough room on the property to dig a wide trench for horizontal loop installation, space considerations may force you into vertical installation, in which the loop system is installed upright in a deep hole.

If your property allows for either type of installation, there are still a couple of other things to keep in mind. Horizontal installation tends to be less expensive. On the other hand, more of your landscaping must be wiped out in order to make room.

Choosing a Quality Company

The second major choice you’ll need to make is which company to go with for installation. Despite its rising popularity, it turns out that most contractors do not offer geothermal installation. First, you’ll need to find a company experiences in geothermal installation and service. But also, you’ll want to find a contractor with a good name, backed by positive customer reviews and a history of quality service.

At Roznovak, we have years of experience installing geothermal systems, and we strive to make any type of heating installation in Austin as hassle-free as possible. Call us today, and find out why so many people make the switch over to this effective and efficient renewable resource.

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