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The V in HVAC: Caring for Your Ducts

technicians hands drilling ductwork togetherHomeowners often underestimate the importance of the “V” in “HVAC.” The “V” stands for ventilation, and we’re talking about your ductwork. This is one component of your HVAC system that is easy to take for granted. Especially considering that most of the time, they are out of sight and therefore out of mind.

But air ducts that accumulate damage from corrosion and/or age, or ducts that received poor initial installation, can have a serious impact on the functionality and efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. It can lead to not only a decrease in comfort, but a rise in the contamination that enters your indoor air. If your air ducts have gaps, leaks, or any bad connections, then they must be dealt with by a professionally trained HVAC technician.

Do You Need Duct Repair Services?

This is one of the least thought about professional HVAC services in Austin, TX there is, but one that is important nonetheless! But how do you know when it is, in fact, time for duct repair?

Uneven Cooling (or Heating): Depending on the time of year, broken or damaged air ducts will create spots in your home that are either too hot or too cold. If you are running your heater this winter, but notice that certain rooms are still too chilly, you likely do have busted ductwork, which is preventing proper airflow from reaching those rooms.

This same problem applies in reverse during the summer—when you may notice abnormally warm rooms when the air conditioner is in operation.

Odd Noises Coming from Ducts: As air passes through your ventilation system, the ductwork expands and contracts with the fluctuation in temperature. This may result in an occasional “popping” noise when the heater or air conditioner first comes on—this shouldn’t alarm you.

What you should take notice of, however, is any loud rattling or shaking noises that happen continuously. This warns you that you have loose or damaged ductwork that needs repair.

Costly Utility Bills: What we mean here is that you are getting monthly bills that are much higher than last year’s, despite comparable use. HVAC systems that try to send conditioned air through leaking or breached air ducts have to battle uphill to reach the systems’ expected temperature.

This means the system draws more energy, and your heating and cooling bills will rise as a result. If you notice this increase in your utility bills with no reasonable explanation, then you are likely either dealing with a malfunctioning HVAC system or damaged air ducts. Either way, your next step should definitely be to give the pros a call!

Could Professional Duct Sealing Do the Trick?

Yes, in some cases this can absolutely be enough. But we must stress the importance of the word professional. You cannot simply slap some duct tape on your ductwork and call it a day. In fact, despite its name, duct tape is not actually meant to hold together damaged or breached ductwork!

Instead, you need a trained professional to locate the exact sources of any air leaks coming from your air ducts, and apply professional-grade metallic sealant to those breaches.

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