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Has Your Heater Been Tuned Up for Winter Yet?

A man uses a flashlight to help him see the boiler in a dark closetWith temperatures still comfortably in the 70s in recent weeks, you may be wondering if it’s too early to start thinking about your heater, particularly when we’re so used to dealing with the heat the majority of the year. But the fact of the matter is, now is the best time to have your heater tuned up! It’s more than just a luxury: it’s one of those Georgetown, TX HVAC services that serve as a preventive measure, ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of your heater for the years to come.

We typically recommend that you schedule your heater tune-up right before its heaviest period of use. So right about now, during fall, is the perfect time. Although in the grand scheme of things, the time of year you schedule your heating maintenance doesn’t matter as much as it does to have it done at least once a year (twice a year if you’re using a year-round heat pump system—which is ideal for climate such as ours). So what can you expect during your heating tune-up?

Thorough Cleaning

The first thing our trained and experienced technicians do during your heating maintenance appointment gives the system a thorough cleaning. When components of your heating system are dirty, they simply cannot perform as they should.

For example, if a coil in your heat pump happens to be blocked by a layer of dirt or grime, then it can’t successfully absorb heat from the outside air. As another example, a dirty furnace burner may not be able to generate necessary heat. Cleaning each component allows your heating system to work at its peak efficiency.

Proper Adjustment

Year after year, the components within your heating system go through a lot, and as such, accumulate natural wear and tear. Due to this, even if they don’t need repair, they could certainly require adjustments as parts become loose or bent.

You may have a bent flame sensor in your furnace, a loose furnace panel, or even a bent heat pump component. An important factor to remember is that even if one small component is faulty, the other components may also start to struggle as they have to work even harder to do their job, in what you would call a domino effect.

Comprehensive Inspection

This is probably the most important part of your heating tune-up. It’s during the inspection that our professionals will check for any potential health and safety risks, in addition to any important repair needs that might affect the performance of your system. We’ll inform you of anything in need of urgent repair so that you have time to schedule additional services as soon as you can, helping you to avoid a bigger emergency later on.

The more routinely you schedule heating system tune-ups, the better your heater can do its job. And the easier it can do its job, the less energy it needs, which increases your efficiency and cuts down on your energy costs.

For quality heating maintenance and other important heating services, contact Roznovak’s Services today!

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