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Furnace Installation: Should You Go Gas or Electric?

Winter may not hit us as hard as it does homeowners in the Midwest or on the East Coast, but our chilliest weather is still nothing to scoff at. Even with a mild winter, we want to make sure we’re well equipped with a properly functioning heating system—and for that reason many homeowners choose a furnace.

In addition to making sure you have your furnace professionally installed and services, you also want to ensure you choose the best one for your home. One choice you’ll need to make in this regard is whether you should go with a gas furnace model or an electric furnace. There are benefits to both, just as there are drawbacks to both.

When Should You Choose Gas?

For many homeowners, the gas furnace is the ideal heating system to use: it’s extremely effective as it combusts natural gas in order to heat air and then distribute it throughout your home via ductwork. Natural gas is a relatively affordable fuel source, and unlike oil or propane it is piped directly to your home and the appliances that use it. You’ll never need to worry about fuel deliveries or on-site storage. Additionally, natural gas is a fairly clean-burning fuel.

Electricity Is a Good Option, Too

The main argument against electricity when it comes to heating a home is the cost of electricity. While electric furnaces are extremely efficient, since they don’t lose any heat generated via flue gases, the cost of electricity is high enough that you’ll likely find yourself spending more month-to-month to heat your home than you would with a gas model. However, if you’re lacking gas hookups or want a system where you never have to worry about safety, then an electric furnace could be a great choice for you.

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