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Avoid Furnace Repairs This Winter with Preventative Maintenance

Nobody likes scheduling repair services, right? Repairs can be both costly and time-consuming. But, what if we told you there is a way to avoid furnace repair in Round Rock, TX this winter season? Yes, things do happen and repairs are inevitable, but regular preventative maintenance can drastically reduce the number of repairs your furnace will need.

Roznovak’s Services, Inc. offers both furnace repair and maintenance. We know just how much stress your furnace undergoes during the winter season, even here in Texas. The best way to alleviate the effects of this stress and reduce the number of malfunctions it could cause is through annual tune-ups and inspection from a trained technician.

Here’s How Maintenance Works

Your furnace should be serviced at least twice a year, if not more, especially during the heating season. Most homeowners are not aware of potential problems hiding within their furnace systems, so the best thing to do is have a technician perform a full system inspection. During a maintenance visit, an HVAC expert will thoroughly inspect the furnace for any signs of a problem. This gives he or she the ability to spot and fix minor problems before they become major. The longer a furnace operates with an existing problem, the bigger the problem becomes.

Trust us, we know better than anyone that repair bills tend to be more costly than maintenance bills. Waiting until your furnace needs repairs will only end up costing you more money, so why not invest in maintenance now to avoid the hassle?

Other Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Besides avoiding costly repairs, there are many other benefits to scheduling preventative maintenance:

  • Safer Operation: During an inspection, the technician checks for areas of the furnace that could develop safety hazards, such as a cracked heat exchanger or loose gas lines. When you schedule preventative maintenance, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you and your family are safe.
  • Extended Equipment Life: The best way to ensure that your furnace operates efficiently and effectively for years to come is to schedule a tune-up. That’s right, maintenance will extend your furnace’s lifespan.
  • Increased Efficiency: Without a regular tune-up, your furnace will wear down more rapidly than it should. When your furnace struggles to circulate warm air throughout your home, it becomes significantly less efficient, causing your heating bills to rise. This is because you end up paying for wasted energy and fuel.

Why pay for repairs when you don’t have to? Remaining proactive can save you hundreds of dollars each year. Roznovak’s offers a comprehensive maintenance program that gives customers one heating and one cooling visit per year. During this visit, one of our friendly technicians will inspect all areas of your furnace to ensure that is running safely, efficiently, and effectively. Plus, maintenance club membership may be purchased at the time of service just for the offers. Club members receive 10% off repairs and priority service, so you’ll save even more money in the event that something does go wrong!

To schedule preventative maintenance today, contact Roznovak’s Services, Inc.

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