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3 Benefits of Scheduling Heating Maintenance

Leaving the heating system alone until it starts manifesting problems is a very common attitude among homeowners. It can also cost you thousands of dollars a year. Preventative maintenance is always cheaper than repairing or replacing a broken part. Cost isn’t the only factor to consider, either.

Read on to discover 3 benefits of scheduling heating maintenance.


Not all problems with your heating system will give you warning before causing the entire unit to break down. If you wait for some sort of sign before calling your HVAC technician, you may get blindsided with a broken system and an expensive repair bill. This could be especially bad in winter, when going without heat for even one day is a very uncomfortable thought.

Scheduling regular heating maintenance gives you the advantage of addressing minor issues before they become big, expensive problems. You can also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your heating system has a clean bill of health.


As mentioned above, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Little problems that can be easily fixed at first can grow into very expensive problems in short order. This is especially true of parts that the rest of the system relies on. Broken motor? The whole system is useless. Malfunctioning thermostat? Even if the rest of the system is perfectly fine, it won’t work. On top of all that, many manufacturer warranties require that you conduct regular maintenance in order for them to remain valid. If you neglect your heating maintenance and something goes wrong, you may end up paying entirely out of pocket.


There are some occasions where your heating system will display symptoms of a problem before breaking down entirely. That doesn’t mean that you can just ignore those symptoms, however. Even if the problem does not intensify, which is unlikely, you will experience a drop in efficiency from the unit. This can cause your utility bill to go up, as the unit has to work harder to do its job. Proper maintenance saves you from those high utility bills because of a malfunctioning unit.

If you haven’t had your heating unit checked this year, call Roznovak. We’re experts in heating maintenance in Taylor, TX.

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