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Common End-of-Season Ductless Repairs

Ductless mini split systems possess a number of advantages when compared to more traditional heating and cooling systems. Systems that use ducts waste 30% of their energy due to duct leaks. Ductless systems avoid that loss completely. Ductless systems also provide the versatility of setting different desired temperatures for different rooms. Unfortunately, they are just as prone to problems and breakdowns as any other system.

Here are some end-of-season ductless repairs that you are likely to see.

Condensate Leaks

The condensate line, along with the refrigerant and power lines, is housed in a conduit that connects the indoor and outdoor units through the wall of the house. The connection point between the wall of the house and the conduit tends to be the most vulnerable to leaks. It also happens to be the most dangerous. A condensate leak inside the wall can rot out a large area if left unchecked, and may even cause the ductless unit to fall off the wall. If you notice any liquid pooling or dripping around the unit, call a professional right away.

Motor Breakdowns

One of the unique considerations involved with multiple ductless systems is that each one must be serviced separately. A central system will have far fewer parts to worry about. Multiple ductless units mean multiples of each part that need to be maintained. Fan motors are one of the most common parts that can run into problems. If the motor doesn’t work for whatever reason, the fan becomes useless and your unit fails. If you need to have this issue fixed, be sure to ask your service professional to check any other ductless systems you may have in the house. The last thing you want is for a different unit to break right after you got the first one fixed.

Refrigerant Losing Charge

When an air conditioning unit is first installed, it is “charged” with a specific level of refrigerant. While the unit is working properly, that same refrigerant is cycled throughout the system without need for replacement. A leak in the refrigerant line, however, can drain the refrigerant to dangerously low levels. This can cause the air conditioning unit to stop circulating cool air through the space.

If you are experiencing problems with your ductless air conditioning, call Roznovak. We conduct air conditioning repairs throughout the entire Austin, TX area.

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