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Your Air Conditioning Installation Options in Austin, TX

Has the time come to upgrade your AC? Are you having difficult figuring out what type of air conditioner would work best in your Austin, TX home? Would you like a blend of power and efficiency? When considering your air conditioning installation options for your home or workspace, it’s important that you hire a professional to assist you from the get-go. One of the most important steps in any AC installation is the system selection. Basically, you need to make certain that the BTU output of your cooling system matches your living space so that your system can operate the way it is intended. Additionally, you need to consider your budget and cooling preferences.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular cooling options available: central air units, heat pumps and ductless air conditioners.

  • Central air units. It’s not without good reasons that central air units remain the most popular type of cooling system in the country. They are highly powerful, cost-effective and their efficiency continues to increase as the technology develops. The central air split is so-called because it has an indoor and outdoor unit as well as ductwork installed throughout your living space. Whether you’re looking for a powerhouse or you’re on a strict budget, a central air unit may be right for your home.
  • Heat pumps. You might be hard-pressed to differentiate a heat pump from a central air unit on looks alone. They have an indoor and outdoor unit, and they utilize the same refrigerant cycle that most cooling systems do. The one major difference between heat pumps and central air units is that the former can heat as well as cool your home. If energy efficiency is important to you, a heat pump makes for a great option.
  • Ductless air conditioning. As its name suggests, a ductless air conditioning system, also known as a ductless mini split, does not require ductwork in order to function. Instead of a centralized indoor air handler connected to a network of ducts, it uses multiple indoor air handlers installed within the living space itself. These blowers deliver cooling (as well as heating) to the various areas of your home.

Let us help you make a great decision when it comes to your AC installation. Call Roznovak’s Services today to schedule professional air conditioning installation in Austin, TX.


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