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Why Consider Geothermal Cooling?

Effective geothermal cooling was once only available to a few homes, but advances in technology have made it a possibility for numerous homeowners today. The advantages that a geothermal heat pump can offer should place them near the top of anyone’s list for a new home comfort system.

If you think that geothermal heating and cooling is out of your reach, you might be surprised at what you find out when you contact one of the Austin, TX air conditioner, heater, and heat pump experts at Roznovak. We provide extensive services for geothermal systems and have worked in home comfort services since 1979. You can trust to our expertise when you think it’s time to investigate the possibilities for cooling down your home through geothermal energy.

Why Geothermal Heat Pumps Are a Good Idea

  • Reliability: Geothermal systems operate on the basic principle that the temperature of the Earth remains stable 10 feet below the frost line. Regardless of the weather conditions above ground, the temperature at this depth hovers around 55°F. Unlike air-source heat pumps, which can lose efficiency due to extreme temperatures outside, a geothermal heat pump always has access to a sufficient amount of heat for both cooling and heating purposes. You won’t have to worry about a geothermal system struggling during a heat wave or a cold snap.
  • Energy efficiency: Studies conducted by the U.S. EPA have found that, thanks to the steady temperature of the Earth, geothermal heating and cooling systems work 4–6 times more energy-efficiently than standard heat pumps. Although geothermal systems cost more to install, they will rapidly return that extra cost with their energy savings. The EPA estimates that most geothermal systems will payback their initial installation price tag in 5–10 years.
  • Longevity: Few comfort systems will last as long as a geothermal heat pump. The indoor elements (the standard heat pump components) will endure for more than 20 years. The ground loops (the most expensive and difficult component to install) can last for more than 50 years! This means you will have many years to enjoy the energy savings after the payback period.
  • Heating and cooling: Since geothermal systems are heat pumps, they offer a two-in-one comfort solution for a house. You have an effective (and safe) heating system during the winter, and an air conditioning system during the summer that can match the cooling power of any comparably-sized standard AC.

Call To Find Out More

Geothermal heat pumps will not work for every home and property: space limitations and soil conditions can make them impractical in certain situations. It’s easy to find out if your home is ready for geothermal installation, however: contact Roznovak, and we will send out a geothermal specialist to survey your land and find out that best way to give you the power of a heater and an air conditioner in Austin, TX through the natural energy of the Earth.

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