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Why Replace an Old Air Conditioner if it still Works?

People tend to really resist the idea of replacing their old air conditioners, especially if they still seem to be working fine. This is understandable. Air conditioners are pretty big investments. They’re often expensive, and the longer they last the more return you get on your investment. However, there are a number of good reasons why you might want to replace your air conditioner once it gets past a certain age. Let’s examine some of those reasons right now.

Repair Costs

It could be that you’ve taken excellent care of your air conditioner over the years. Maybe you scheduled maintenance for it every single year. Maybe you called for repairs every time you so much as suspected a problem with it. Those are excellent things to do, and we encourage you to keep doing them. The problem, though, is that sooner or later you will need to have your air conditioner repaired for some reason. The older your air conditioner is, the higher the chance that a lot of its parts are no longer being manufactured. As your system ages, the cost to repair or replace the parts inside it will rise as those parts become more scarce. Eventually, you may not be able to find replacement parts at all.

Energy Efficiency

It’s no secret that a brand new system is always going to be more energy efficient than an older system. The newer system packs updated technology, and doesn’t have years of wear and tear to slow it down. That means that the older your system gets, it is both degrading and being passed up by new generations that were more efficient to begin with.

If you’d like to know more about why air conditioner replacement is a good idea, call Roznovak’s Services. We install and service air conditioners throughout Round Rock, TX. 

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