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When a Cooling System Won’t Cool

hot man sitting in front of fanWith temperatures around our area not cooling down anytime soon, there’s no denying that your cooling system still has a lot of work cut out for it. Surely, you’re grateful for the cooling output it has given you so far. But what if it isn’t working as efficiently or effectively as you think it should be, or even as it was at the start of the season?

The easy answer is to call your local Austin, TX air conditioning repair professionals that we have on staff. We’d like to help you understand why your system may not be performing at its best, in the meantime. One of the common repair issues we get calls for is in regards to air conditioners that won’t cool, so that’s the issue we’ll be focusing on here. What could cause this troubling AC symptom?

A Refrigerant Leak

It’s easy to underestimate just how essential refrigerant is to the operation of your air conditioning system. Your cooling system evaporates this chemical blend in order to absorb thermal energy from the air in the ducts. The refrigerant gas then travels down the line to the condenser coil outside, where it is condensed back into liquid, to vent the collected thermal energy outside of the home.

Refrigerant is something that doesn’t normally run out, so if you are losing any, that means your system has a leak. As the refrigerant level continues to drop, so will your system’s cooling output. Eventually, your air conditioner will shut down if the source of the leak isn’t found and repaired.


This is the name of the process that occurs when your air conditioner shuts itself off and turns back on every few minutes. The most common cause of this problem is poor installation to begin with—the unit wasn’t properly sized for your home and is subsequently too large. There are other reasons short-cycling may occur, however. For instance, you might have an electrical short between the thermostat and the cooling system, causing the system to get the wrong signals.

Another reason short-cycling might happen is due to an issue with the compressor, a major component partly responsible for the operating rhythm of your air conditioner. If short-cycling occurs for a prolonged period of time, then your cooling system will wear down much faster than it otherwise would have, making problems happen more often.

Air Handler Issues

If your air conditioner simply isn’t circulating enough air, then the problem is likely with your air handler. This is the component of your air conditioner responsible for circulating air throughout your home during operation. It’s comprised of a large motor, with a fan attached. Moving that much air creates strain on the air handler, which can cause issues.

The air handler houses bearings, which help it run smoothly. Even these bearings need to be replaced on occasion. If you notice a loud grinding sound along with the lowered cooling output of your air conditioner system, then you likely need to have your air handler checked. If this AC component is malfunctioning, then it simply won’t be able to circulate air throughout the home properly, resulting in lower output.

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