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Four Ways to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

One of the most important tips for us to share with Texas homeowners is to make sure to run your air conditioner before you need it this summer. Chances are, you’ve already turned it on at least once or twice to use it, but before we get to the heat of summer where you’ll be using it every day, it’s a good idea to test it to see how well it works.

Then you’ll be able to schedule any air conditioning repairs or services you might need at your leisure, before technicians are out busy on emergency calls. Regular preventive maintenance is key to ensuring that your air conditioner is ready to do its job all summer long. But maintenance isn’t the end all: there is more you can do to make sure your AC system is truly ready for summer.

1. Clean or Replace Air Filters

The air filters than come standard with your HVAC system are meant to protect the inside components of that system from dirt and dust, as well as other debris. These filters should be changed or cleaned at least every three months, and this is one maintenance task you can handle on your own. The functionality of your air conditioner will benefit from this.

2. Clean the Condenser Coils

Your HVAC professional will do this during routine maintenance, however you might want to check around the unit before summer if it’s actually been a few months since your maintenance appointment. Debris such as dirt and grass clippings can accumulate and obstruct the flow of air, cutting down your condenser’s efficiency.

3. Clean and Clear Out Debris

Speaking of dirt and debris buildup around your condenser unit, you can use a vacuum and a rag to clean your blower’s fan blades. You’ll likely also want to cut and remove any weeds or vines that may obstruct airflow throughout the condenser unit.

4. Check Refrigerant Lines

The refrigerant tubes that run from the evaporator on the air handler to the condenser outside are typically covered with foam coolant line insulation to prevent them from losing energy. If you notice areas where this insulation is frayed or missing, then it needs to be replaced. Also be sure to check for signs of a leak, as this is not a normal occurrence and needs to be repaired right away.

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