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Consider These Zone Control System Benefits

Central air conditioning is one of the greatest advances of technology in the country, especially for residents living in this area of Texas. However, as convenient as this type of cooling system is, it does have one considerable drawback. It delivers cooling—and heating—to the entire house without any exception. This means that unoccupied rooms in the home are being conditioned, which is a waste of energy.

This would be akin to having one main switch for your home turning on all your lights, without the option to turn any of them off. Though that’s a bit of an extreme example, it does give you a better idea of just how wasteful central cooling can be if you can’t control the rooms that receive conditioned air. The good news is that there’s a solution: zone control systems.

How a Zone Control System Works

A zone control cooling system consists of a series of dampers installed into your ductwork. These dampers can seal off sections of your ducts so air doesn’t flow to all of the vents. Each damper is equipped with a local thermostat to operate it, which in turn are each hooked up with a central control panel. This panel can operate all of the different temperature “zones” around the house.

What Are the Benefits?

The largest advantage of using a zone control system is that it helps you save energy. You won’t have to heat and cool each room at one time—only the rooms that need it—so you will cut down on your utility bills. This is particularly beneficial if you live in a large home with many rooms, including those that are infrequently occupied—like guest rooms.

Another big benefit of installing a zone control system is that you are allowing each member of your household to control their own cooling. It goes without saying that people have different cooling preferences, and this allows them to set their own temperature, and even set temperatures to match the functions of rooms. For example, you’d probably want to keep your kitchen as cool as possible while keeping a baby’s room warmer.

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