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Cooling System Sounds You Should Never Ignore

Shocked and surprisedIf only we lived in a time when all Austin, TX heating and air conditioning systems worked 100% reliably all the time. Unfortunately, even though technology is allowing for many new and exciting innovations all the time, a 100% reliable HVAC system doesn’t exist yet. At some point in the life of your system, you’ll need to schedule repairs.

When you do run into issues with your HVAC system (and this is a matter of “when,” not “if”) you want to have any problems with it fixed ASAP. The longer you let your system struggle, the more likely those repair needs will grow into a much bigger emergency—maybe even a complete system shut down. Do yourself a favor and contact our professionals at the first sign of trouble. Sometimes, this sign might be a loud and/or unfamiliar noise.

Let’s Talk About Weird AC Sounds

All HVAC systems make sounds during their operation. The only system that we might say is an exception is an electric radiant heating system. But you’ll typically hear things like whooshing coming out of the air ducts, or the sound of your outdoor compressor kicking on. These are perfectly normal noises.

But if these noises become louder than usual, or if your HVAC system all of the sudden starts making noises you’ve never heard before, then it’s time to contact a professional to have the situation evaluated right away. You know better than anyone else the typical noises of your heating and cooling systems, so you’ll know when something unfamiliar crops up. Here are some of those ominous sounds you should watch out for—or rather, listen for.


If you hear a grinding noise coming from your air conditioner, then its moving parts might be lacking sufficient lubrication. When that occurs, heat is generated and those parts are going to wear down fast.

If you don’t want your system to suffer from damages, you need to not only have the system properly lubricated, but you’ll also need to have it evaluated to ensure the damage hasn’t already happened.


This is one of the biggest signs of distress to listen for. This can also be a sign that parts aren’t adequately lubricated. It might also mean that for some reason, different metal components are scraping against each other.

Whatever the case, you’re going to need this problem resolved as soon as possible, for your own sanity as well as for the benefit of your HVAC system.


There are a few different possibilities why this might happen. One of them is benign and not a cause for immediate concern. If you’re using a forced-air cooling or heating system, then the sound you’re hearing might be the result of air ducts expanding and contracting due to fluctuations in temperatures.

Another potential cause is that there’s delayed ignition for your HVAC system, which is when too much fuel builds up before being ignited. Since this is a safety issue in addition to an operational issue, it’s important to get in touch with our professionals as soon as you hear it.

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