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Why Consider a Heat Recovery Ventilator?

One of the major difficulties with maintaining fresh air in a house today is that allowing outside air through windows and doors makes it harder to keep a home comfortable. In hot Texas summers, it is impractical to have windows and doors open and let fresh air inside because it will ruin the efficiency of the air conditioning system. Cold weather days present a similar problem for the heating system.

One way around this dilemma is to contact Roznovak and ask about installation of a heat recovery ventilator for your home. We have many decades of experience providing residential cooling and heating service in Hutto, TX, and we can help you achieve the best in comfort while allowing fresh air to circulate through the rooms of your house.

What a heat recovery ventilator does

A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) is a device installed into an HVAC system that draws in outdoor air and then sends this current against a flow of air drawn from the indoors. As the two currents mingle, they exchange heat, which pre-conditions the air from the outdoors before it reaches the AC or heater. During hot weather, the fresh warm air loses heat before reaching the air conditioner; during cold weather, the fresh cool air gains heat before reaching the heating system.

How this benefits your home

By pre-conditioning the air before it reaches the comfort system, an HRV allows currents of fresh air into a home without placing extra strain on either the heating or air conditioning system. An HRV recovers, on average, 80% of the energy that would otherwise be lost by letting in a fresh breeze. An HRV will mean much lower energy costs for your home while at the same time delivering the indoors higher quality air.

Fresh air is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. The heavy insulation on modern homes means that very little fresh air can enter and sweep away the stale air inside. This stuffy and often dirty air can lead to respiratory difficulties, insomnia, and allergic and asthmatic reactions. An HRV will see that you have the fresh air your household needs to reduce these problems without forcing you to pay a high cost for heating and cooling.

Call professionals for HRV installation

You must have professionals in residential cooling and residential heating service in Hutto, TX install a heat recovery ventilator. The device needs to receive precise sizing so that it can do its job without creating issues for the efficiency of the rest of the HVAC system. You can count on our technicians at Roznovak to take care of installing an HRV for your home that will deliver comfort, health, and energy savings. Call our indoor air quality specialists today to learn more about HRVs.

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