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Why Choose an Air Purifier for Your Home

If you have airborne contaminants such as dust or dander flowing throughout your home, then you may want to take a stand. Poor indoor air quality is a prevalent issue throughout the country, and ensuring that your home has clean air is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, modern homes are built with energy efficiency rather than natural ventilation in mind. While this keeps your energy bills low, it often leads to indoor air quality problems as your indoor air continues to circulate and recirculate. If you own a forced-air distribution system such as a furnace or central air unit, there are several upgrades that you can take advantage of in order to improve your indoor air. The air purifier is one of the most effective.

A whole house air purifier is quite different than the type of portable air units that you find in hardware stores. You don’t have to move it around the house in order to clean your indoor air evenly and you don’t have to worry about turning it on and off. Whole house air purifiers are relatively compact and they are integrated directly within your ductwork system. Unlike a conventional air filter, they do not trap particles on a medium such as fiberglass, but rather use a specialized ionization system.

As your indoor air passes through the air purifier, noxious particles such as dander, dust and other contaminants are given an electric charge. This causes them to be attracted to material with an opposite charge, which is why they collect on a plate or cell within the device, or glom together into larger particles that fall to the ground, ready to be vacuumed up. The process is relatively simple, and it has numerous benefits.

The chief benefit of any air cleaner is cleaner air, but the air purifier ensures that the cleaning process is done so without blocking your air. HEPA filters are highly effective but they can result in increased energy bills as they reduce the amount of air that can travel through the device at any one time. These systems also require very little to no maintenance.

If an air purifier sounds right by you, then make sure you give the experts at Roznovak’s Services a call today. We can answer any further questions that you might have and get you started on the path to cleaner air with an air purifier in Austin, TX.

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